Dreamgrinder – Deeps And Shallows (1990) Gothic Rock – UK

 Dreamgrinder – Deeps And Shallows (1990) Gothic Rock – UK

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Dreamgrinder – Deeps And Shallows (1990)

00:00 Deeps And Shallows
05:30 Deep 2 (Deeper Still)
08:48 Scarlet
13:58 Carousel

Genres: Gothic Rock
Country: United Kingdom, Coventry
Label: Product Inc.

#gothicrock #unitedkingdom

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  • I love the first song from the moment I heard it for the first time. Such a nice groove.

  • The only problem with this band is that it's a dark metal band, not gothic.

    Song 2 was excellent, 3 seems to have a catchy beat with some good guitar crunching, overall a good ep.

  • Joy division

  • I think I hear bits of shoegaze in Deep?

  • Still got my copy. Deeps and Shallows is very reminiscent of Fields of the Nephilim. The rest of the EP shows Dreamgrinder had their own sound. It's a really good EP. I think I'll have to track down the albums.

  • Co🖤L

  • Very Type O Negative at points, I dig

  • This was definitely not gothic, but it was sort of 'gothic friendly', and it was a great EP. I bought this at Ace Records in Tampa, a heavy metal record store.

  • Good and heavy

  • 1990??? This is gold!

  • Sweet!

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