Dronning Maud Land – Aphorism (1993) Gothic Rock – Germany

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  • Thanks a million!! That's such an underrated album needing to shine again. I am deeply impressed (and grateful) with all the lost gemes you are bringing back to life in YouTube. Keep on it dude!

  • A very gem of 90's Goth music.

  • Had the follow up album "Maelstrom" on CD back when it was released, but never heard their debut before! One of the great German goth bands of the 90s along with the likes of Swans Of Avon, Secret Discovery and Love Like Blood.

  • Great band 🖤

  • Thanks for sharing! Dronning Maud Land are a great discovery.

  • 🖤

  • Yet another surprising treasure from your collection! Thank you again for sharing your excellent music here!

  • Never heard them before… this is authentically very good stuff! And … something I would have been proud to own. Fyi, I have a large collection of 80's vinyl & CDs, many/most of similarly obscure alt/indie bands, and looking to sell.

  • This album brings a lot of nostalgia to me, I was a teen babybat getting recommendations from other goths I met online, really good times for sure!
    Thanks for sharing this one!, such a masterpiece <3

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