Episode 1311: DEMI THE DAREDEVIL Speaks On 'My Purgatorium' EP #StrikeAChord | Chris Collins Show

 Episode 1311: DEMI THE DAREDEVIL Speaks On 'My Purgatorium' EP #StrikeAChord | Chris Collins Show

Is Gothic Rock or simply GOTH back? Texas red jacket rocker Demi the Daredevil joins STRIKE A CHORD to discuss his latest EP ‘My Purgatorium’. A lot of bands have been dropping tracks about mental health issues—BUT what about the existential crisis of being? Demi the Daredevil has a solution! “Create a safe creepy place, talk about your weird life and not have any judgement.” Touring is the bread and butter of any band. Demi the Daredevil was on tour with Tiktok’s TX2 blasting through Texas—BUT how did this handsome devil end up in a Van Full Of Nuns traveling together? We all have a wild side that’s best suppressed under heavy medication OR can a daredevil come out on stage? “The Martyrs Crown” is a rock banger with a deep question. What is God and the purpose of religion? Is life your own purgatory? “We start in purgatory and we have to fight our way out. How do we do that? What are these laws of life we need to follow?” There’s been an ongoing debate about releasing singles or a full album — and just like that we’re back in music purgatory! Daredevil shines some heavenly wisdom on the subject. We all have a lot of questions about life that may never get answered. “Withering Heights,” My Purgatorium has the answer we need. Follow, listen and love: https://www.demithedaredevil.com/

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