Essential Goth & Adjacent: New Music Mix #32

 Essential Goth & Adjacent: New Music Mix #32

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New goth music straight from my crypt to yours. Thanks for listening! If you like what we do, and have the means please consider supporting the show 💜


A share is also most appreciated! Take care, friend bats!

Haunt Me – Night Prowler (NITE Remix) 0:00
Attic Frost – Restless souls 04:07
kékmandarin – Nem hagylak egyedül 09:36
Pulsations – Reckless Son 12:28
Simbiotycs – Sobrenatural 15:44
Vasa Kumora – Burn Like a Candle 18:42
Vapormoon – The Path 22:57
Beverly Kills – Melatonin 26:33
Dawn In Eden – Brooks Was Here 30:05
Scimitar – Desire 34:53
Dang Dang – Liar 39:00
Faceta Oscura – AC!DO 43:34
Új Látásmód Fúzió – Krízisanalízis 46:48
Slow Danse With The Dead – Dark Ritual 49:43
The Sudden – Radioactivity 53:34
NLIGHT – The Kiss Of Death 59:19

Thumbnail image this week is Slow Danse With The Dead.


Obscura Undead

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  • Thank you ♥️

  • Good mix ! And thank you for the repost and the last place in the mix 🖤, You Rock!
    Peace NLIGHT

  • This was a really good hour of dreary guitars, I enjoyed it!!

    I think that the chapter makings are off by a little bit and may have gotten flipped around with the Reckless Son song

  • 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇

  • Sitting here on a Sunday night having a drink & just listening to music after a good meal does it get any better than that.

  • Thank you. I had a really rotten week in which everyone seemed to have left me forever. I need sad songs to relate to.

  • Nothing like excellent Goth tunes when you're sad 🖤💀🖤

  • 🖤

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