Evanescence – Good Enough

 Evanescence – Good Enough

Music video by Evanescence performing Good Enough. (c) 2006 Wind-up Records, LLC.



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  • May 2022

  • I'm in 2022! It's Amazing!

  • She is one of the few as good live as in studio, Amy you are wonderfull 🙌

  • Owww I love this song ❤

  • 2022 ❤

  • 2022

  • Mesmo estando em 2022 sempre que ouço essa música lembro que já me senti suficiente para alguém mas sempre quebrei a cara e não sou suficiente para ninguém! Nem para mim mesmo 😶

  • Mother of dear god 😍😍😍

  • I love how she plays with her key, tone and eloquent riffs and long draws. The visuals are really nice too.

  • You are an angel Amy Lee

  • Im tired ok my left ankle is hurting from the cold weather outside and im farming in clash of clans and they put me in war when I didn't want to go donating plasma draining me the side effects from it I donated last week I don't feel so good

  • Yo…Evanescence's music touches my soul!! Lol. I think this is a new favorite. Dunno how I missed this one.

  • No c si existe la mujer ideal,pero para mi es ella

  • In 2022

  • My soul has been touched by this song

  • Terrible MV

  • I turned 40 years old today and Amy/Evanescence helped me through my 20s so much. I'm a recovering drug addict that is a single a mother to 3 kids one of my kids is disabled and very sick, then my dad passed away of cancer in 2005 and he spent most of his life I'm prison and I was abused my husband and just had a hard life….these songs helped me so much

  • Quem tá assistindo em 2022 essa deusa 🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️❤️




  • Muchas gracias… ❤

  • I never felt Good enough I've always felt flawed imperfect. Told by family member no body wanted me that everyone never liked me… My aunt's resented me for taking they're mom and dad… All they saw was my Father and his mistakes they never saw me… But would except my sibling… when my dad left him… I've always felt alone. to top it all off I was born with a disability that affected my social skills some of my comprehension skills. Being Bullied in school and at home. My grandparents love they were all I had. then when I was 18 I gave birth to my son his father left me though we had joint custody I felt even more like a failure… letting my son grow up in the same torn life that I did. Then but I love my son so much no matter how much I felt like I failed him. One time in preschool on Thanksgiving My son looked at me pastor asked the kids what were they thankful for. my son looked straight at me and said he was thankful for me 😭. Not only that I met my husband a couple years before that and the first time in my life I felt good enough My husband told me one day That he found my imperfections and broken beautiful that My disability was cute. We've been together for 10 years married for almost two. with our second boy Who I had a placenta abruption I did have an emergency c-section. lost 2 pints of blood. My son was stillborn when he came out but was brought back alive. My Husband quick actions he got my son and I to the hospital in 15 mins from where we lived. he saved our lives I owe that man my life. I love my family much 😭.

  • Alguien presente abril 2022

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