Evanescence – Lithium (Official Music Video)

 Evanescence – Lithium (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for “Lithium” performed by Evanescence Music video by Evanescence performing Lithium. YouTube …



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  • This brings me back to my emo teens, listening to this song on my ipod 3, crying in my bed and swooning over Amy Lee.

  • Have a child, raise it well.

  • I just droped a nostalgic tear ❤️❤️🥹🥹

  • 2022 nobody?

  • Фантастичан спот!!!ПРЕЛЕПА МУЗИКА!!!ГР

  • Que mulher linda.

  • Amy oh Amy- …

  • I pray any moments the gods of metal..

  • 2022 anyone here? 🙂 This such a masterpiece…!

  • I wanna do karaoke but I can not because I can not stop the tears. This song is incredibly filled with emotion. It never happened to me. Such moments make me think maybe we re not related to…monkeys, after all.

  • Also check out the Skeler Lithium remix…its rly awesome too 🙂 !!!

  • I love a lot of artists out there, so many talented singers and bands, but Amy Lee has always been unique for me.

    If it were even possible to love a voice like you could a person, it would be hers. I don't know what it is its haunting and angelic at the same time, just beautiful. She is just amazing to me and I have heard nothing like her in my life.

  • Just so you all know…..this right here. Is a Woman. One of the sexiest creatures to ever grace this planet. You have no idea!!!!!!

  • I love you the nicest most Genius most beautiful Majesty make Wearer No Make Wearer The woman who made me the woman who Gave birth to me A Virgin My Beautiful Mother Amy Lee my Hot Gentle Mother Le e ❤ in Nazareth Valley Blue White Mountain Trinity City Russia on October Third 5 foot tall Cute. BLONDE Blossom Genius, My Queen Princess Bright Blue Eyes Mom Dad we are Biological of Sasha Lee Haylee Lee Rachel Lee Lori Lee Emily Lee Leah Lee Wendy Lee Carrie Lee Lauren Laurel Lee Sarah Lee Amber Lee Stefani German Gibson Lee Our Biological Baby Daughters Kate Middleton Lee of E n g l a n d Lady Gagas our beautiful little Amy Lynn Lee's Mother My Genesis Sister Soul Mate my Wife Amy Lee Best Every Day White Token Pink Wedding Clothes Wearer with me My Girl Lee we go home together in 13 Million Dollar Rolls Royce Lee Car to our Hollywood, CA 68 Billion Dollar Gibson Middleton Lee Foster White Graceland Evanescence our White Royal Mansion Estate 8 3 2022 , we Family Jackson Middleton Harris Pitt Jolie Beckinsale Shakespeare Poe Jodie Foster our beautiful Biological Mom, Mel Gibson 1995 William Wallace Brave Heart our Most Handsome Biological Father 100 % Great Britain Italy 🇮🇹 Royal White Germany Russia Scotland England 🇬🇧 we have beautiful DNA Mommy Mine Amy Lee I will see you LOVE the Lord Jesus Christ he is Good he shall unite us My Rainbow Virgin Mom My sister Gorgeous My Hot Wife Beautiful Amy Lynn Gibson Lee 10300 South Western #103 Oklahoma City, OK 73139 I will see you here Sweetie My Immortal Evanescence Love ❤ us: Ben Middleton Josh Hartzler Gibson Amy Priscilla Lovecraft Lynn Lee

  • What

  • Nao consigo parar de ouvir essa musica.I can't stop to hear this song.

  • Evanescence is on my top 10 international bands.

  • انا استمع لها إلى الآن

  • now is 2022
    anyone from 2040?

  • I first heard this song 3 days ago on rock band 4 and it’s such a bop! Love this song

  • Soooo dark & dreamy! I love all your songs! 🖤💜🖤

  • 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • They are all suffering Time Dilation. Thus the futuristic movies, which are all false futures.

  • They need to do a reunion ASAP

  • I love you amy!

  • this music was my childhood, makes me sad

  • Can we appreciate this music video? It’s a phenomenal work of art in of itself! The setting of winter just makes it feel so fantastical. And the song is of course incredible.

  • Amy, please tell me, how can an alkali metal connet to gothic metal music?

  • Lithium

    Don't wanna lock me up inside


    Don't wanna forget how it feels without


    I wanna stay in love with my sorrow


    But God, I wanna let it go

    Come to bed, don't make me sleep alone

    Couldn't hide the emptiness, you let it show

    Never wanted it to be so cold

    Just didn't drink enough to say you love me

    I can't hold on to me

    Wonder what's wrong with me


    Don't wanna lock me up inside


    Don't wanna forget how it feels without


    I wanna stay in love with my sorrow

    Don't wanna let it lay me down this time

    Drown my will to fly

    Here in the darkness I know myself

    Can't break free until I let it go

    Let me go

    Darling, I forgive you after all

    Anything is better than to be alone

    And in the end I guess I had to fall

    Always find my place among the ashes

    I can't hold on to me

    Wonder what's wrong with me


    Don't wanna lock me up inside


    Don't wanna forget how it feels without


    Stay in love with you

    I, I'm gonna let it go

  • This song reminds of the past due to the pain and suffering I dealt with in foster care all the abuse I went through

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  • One the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

  • "Always find my place among the ashes" hits me DEEP every time.

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