evolution of goth 1978 – 1989

 evolution of goth 1978 – 1989

The Evolution of Goth music 1978-1989

From the early days of Punk experimentation to the rise in the Positive-Punk sound, how Gothic Rock started and to the formation of the subculture in the late 80’s via the melting pot of sounds which in turn created the music we know and love called “GOTH”

Watch the Evolution of Goth from Joy division experimenting in Punk thus creating Post-Punk, the US sounds of Deathrock via 45 Grave & Christian Death right through to the sounds of Positive-Punk bands like Southern Death Cult, Theatre of Hate, Skeletal Family. To the rise in the Gothic Rock sound via The sisters of Mercy, The Mission, Fields of the Nephilim and towards the end of the 80’s with Rosetta Stone carrying on the sound into the 90’s.

1990-1999 coking soon!!!!


Keep it Real Keep it Goth

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  • Thanks for the new music.

  • Bauhaus is pure art !!

  • Isso são musicas da Hora. Pra quem conhece Boa musica são prato cheio! Viva o Gótico!

  • too bad you have no footage of actual goth dancers on the dance floor from circa 1980's-1990's..thats really what people want to see, the amazing subtle movements that no wannabe-be overweight "goth" dancer of today can duplicate…

  • That’s a great list you’ve done about the GOTH scene at those times 👍 🦇 🏰

  • Now I know what I'll listening today

  • Pretty good inventory, at least a good sampling, but IMHO you missed quite a few (and I'd actually go back to The Doors for the origins of the Goth sound, maybe Johnny Cash and Screaming Lord Sutch for Deathrock/Gothabilly, but I'll at least start here with Bowie, who was a main inspiration for both Ian Curtis and Bauhaus). My suggestions (as an old school Goth, Goth DJ (Radio and Club), and former large Goth festival producer):

    1974: David Bowie – We Are the Dead + Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family

    1977: Suicide – Keep Your Dreams
    1977: Iggy and the Stooges – The Passenger
    1978: Blondie – Will Anything Happen?
    1978: Cramps – Human Fly
    1979: Public Image Ltd. – Swan Lake
    1979: Gary Numan — Metal
    1980: Killing Joke – Requiem
    1980: The Mob – Witch Hunt
    1981: Rudimenary Peni – Teenage Time Killer
    1981: Flux of Pink Indians – Neu Smell
    1981: Chrome – In A Dream
    1981: Nico – Purple Lips
    1982: The Gun Club – The Fire of Love
    1982: T.S.O.L – Code Blue
    1982: Cocteau Twins – Wax and Wane
    1982: Modern English – Tables Turning
    1982: Tones on Tail – Burning Skies
    1983: 1919 – Cry Wolf
    1983: Ministry – Revenge
    1983: Sonic Youth – The World Looks Red
    1983: Echo and The Bunnymen – Happy Death Men
    1983: Chameleons – Less Than Human
    1984: Lydia Lunch – Still Burning
    1984: My Bloody Valentine – Tiger in My Tank
    1984: Strawberry Switchblade – Since Yesterday
    1984: And Also The Trees – So This Is Silence
    1984: Dead Can Dance – The Fatal Impact + Ocean
    1984: K.U.K.L. – Assassin
    1985: Killing Joke – Love Like Blood
    1985: Clan of Xymox – A Day
    1985: Fetus Productions – Flicker
    1985: Psi-Com – Xiola
    1986: Concrete Blonde – Still in Hollywood
    1986: Love and Rockets – Love Me
    1986: Sonic Youth – Star Power
    1986: Black Tape For A Blue Girl – Within These Walls
    1987: Swans – Real Mind
    1989: Cranes – Beach Mover
    1989: The Legendary Pink Dots – Blacklist
    1989: Controlled Bleeding – Buried Blessings
    1989: Lush – Second Sight

    Note: The very late 80's Goth sound was pretty crap after Sisters and Mission UK as highlighted by the bands you featured here, and Industrial (Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Severed Heads, Ministry, etc.) and Shoegaze had taken over for better quality and prominence prior to the Grunge explosion. Goth then went mostly back underground, but found a breath of life again I think with Projekt Records. I hope that for your upcoming 90's segment (is it still coming?) you'll cover bands like Strange Boutique, Requiem in White, Lycia, Faith and the Muse, Trance to the Sun, Shadow Project, Corpus Delicti and Swans again (as they evolved) …

  • sorry, the music is good, but i only disliked this to keep short mashups or anything other than playlists of full songs out of my search results. blame youtube's shitty algorithm.

  • This is my teenage days! I was 14 in 1980, I was quite a punky goth for a few year, then into psychobilly. I saw quite a few of these bands live! Still love all the music. This reminds me of the smell of my burning hair off the cheap crimpers, hairspray first, then crimp into what looked like thick hot glue sheets of hair 🤣 , then you’d separate the hair and start back combing the life out of it, spraying the roots and hanging your head upside down to try and dry the roots with a hairdryer. I used to also steal my mums bedsheets, dye them black and hide them under my bed to make my own clothes. The good old days! 😀 ☠️😎

  • If you have goth friend and he/she doesn't know any of this band he/she is poseur.

  • Where is the Neva

  • Thanks for putting this up.
    It gave me a chance to listen through there albums.

  • The Sound?

  • I UTTERLY LOVE THIS !!!!! 🖤 🖤

  • Turning 55 in July, still love all the old goth bands, used to haunt the banshee, cloud nine and the Berlin in Manchester with my cousin Nyx, those days still make my fierce heart beat strong🖤🖤🖤

  • The Damned and Souixie were doing Gothic rock before 1978; both bands formed the same year as Joy Division, though, so it's a fair cop. Nice selection of oft-forgotten artists. Thank you!


  • Got any thoughts on the Most Mysterious Song (catchy unidentified new wave rock taped from German radio in ~84)? Would you consider this goth? It has been called "Teutonic" on numerous occasions. We are still searching for the artist and identity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPGf4liO-KQ

  • Can't wait for your next compilation as announced 1990-1999!!!

  • Wasn't Hong Kong Garden from 1978 and A Forest (the single release) from 1980? Anyway. Never heard of Super Heroines, will check them out!

  • Gostaria de poder achar uma música que escutei lá pelos anos 80 e era uma da música dos Rolling Stones era simpathi for the deve

  • 13:13
    poetic justice timing on part of the creator of this montage ?
    red lorry, yellow lorry was perhaps the most depressing band Ive ever listened too.
    I literally bought and played an album once, and once only, as I felt absolute emptiness during that horrific time…

  • meanwhile (1984) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GUnUGKgWDY
    (1987) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDjy4CMfp78
    anyone who love genuine gothic ambiance should consider listen to those..

  • The Cult made it on the list 3 times in 3 different iterations 😂

  • posers: "WhErE's MaRiLyN mAnSoN aNd My ChEmIcAl RoMaNcE?!!!"

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