evolution of goth 1978 – 1989

The Evolution of Goth music 1978-1989

From the early days of Punk experimentation to the rise in the Positive-Punk sound, how Gothic Rock started and to the formation of the subculture in the late 80’s via the melting pot of sounds which in turn created the music we know and love called “GOTH”

Watch the Evolution of Goth from Joy division experimenting in Punk thus creating Post-Punk, the US sounds of Deathrock via 45 Grave & Christian Death right through to the sounds of Positive-Punk bands like Southern Death Cult, Theatre of Hate, Skeletal Family. To the rise in the Gothic Rock sound via The sisters of Mercy, The Mission, Fields of the Nephilim and towards the end of the 80’s with Rosetta Stone carrying on the sound into the 90’s.

1990-1999 coking soon!!!!


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  1. Super Heroines, 45 Grave, Christian Death, Burning Image, Middle Class, Sleepers, Toiling Midgets, The Decadent, Kommunity FK, Corpus Delecti, Outer Circle, Minimal Man, Flipper, T.S.O.L……. Nothing going on in California regarding the evolution of goth because England is the center of the universe when it comes to underground music and the united states is exclusively for posers

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