Evolution of Goth Music

Where did goth music come from and how has it evolved over the years? This video is a brief overview of the history of goth and …


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  1. Back in the day, before Goth was actually called "Goth," quite a few Deathrockers I knew (I was in the American scene) tried to act like they really didn't approve of The Sisters of Mercy for inclusion into the "Deathrock canon" of the times, preferring primarily guitar-driven bands like Christian Death, 45 Grave, and The Birthday Party (bands that were more punk rock-adjacent, as you point out). But, the actual truth was that, at the end of every single gig and late night after-party that I went to back then, "Floodland" could be heard playing on HEAVY rotation. (I'm still a fan of TSOM to this day). Great overview, btw.

  2. This is fascinating, not only because it's educational and gives specific examples, but because I am starting to see now why I KINDA gravitate towards bits of goth culture without quite being a goth actually–I'm into the related branches of music. Like New Wave and the "very goth adjacent" bands from the early '80s you mentioned. Where synths and poppy tunes mix with darker or spookier themes, that's where I come in. 🙂

  3. My understanding (and of course I can be wrong but I recall this from artists and producers who were interviewed about this) is that originally New Wave was American and Post-Punk was British but are essentially both an evolution away from First Wave American and British Punk. respectively. New Wave was a term pushed by the record labels to market artist who were originally Punk because the term “Punk” had a negative connotation to mass audiences.

  4. Don't get hung up about any of it at all should be the final thought on this one. If it's of a dark persuasion music wise and you like it just enjoy it. GoTh is primarily hybrid with overarching dark themes and dominantly retrospective . One class example was the Rocky horror picture show which is actually a glam rock n roll 50s style b movie spoof even if goths do love it.There's little joy or benefit shoving it all under a microscope and giving yourself a banging headache analysing it all.

  5. I just stumbled onto your videos and like them I grew up into punk rock in the 80s and there wasn't a lot of weirdos back then so we united no mater what music you listened to but since we all hung out welistened rock all types of stuff punk Ska death rock new wave so it's kinda cool to hear you talk about bands I haven't heard in years so thanks for the video's

  6. Interesting summary. Reading an interview with Greg Mackintosh this afternoon he describes the problems Paradise Lost ran into with their record company at the time when they tried to release an album with 3 songs that were clearly 'goth music', including a Sisters of Mercy cover. I can see the record company's POV – they've paid for a death/doom album and been handed something else. Like it or not, the industry is absolutely 'hung up' on genres.

  7. Actually there is quite a bit of interesting "Proto Goth", predating Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division etc… You will find some of it in early Alice Cooper (his first album "Pretties For You" has a goth touch to it). Same with Nico (some dark stuff … heroine will do that to you). "The End" by "The Doors" also carries a bit of that sound (although not genuine goth). The infrastructure was definitely being built about 10 years prior to what would actually be considered "Goth" but not just from the developing punk scene of the 70s

  8. Goth is not a music style, it is a fan attitude.

    Goth people share some music preferencies, and preferencies in other arts.

    Mostly all the band listed here have always fiercely defended themselves from beeing "goth" .

  9. Outside of the Batcave crowd most people in that scene just called the music Indy or Alternative. The way I understood it, it was basically the Punk's who didn't sign up to the Punk "year zero" thing and still loved Bowie, Roxy, Velvets, Doors and this reflects in the music, not to mention many on the Alternative scene were too young to have been Punk's and this was their thing. I saw the Sisters and the Cult, Banshees back then, Siouxie Sioux was truly a force of nature!

  10. I actually have an essay on this , do you think some rap artist are goth ? Like lil peep or juice wrld , do u think its a branch or evolution of it ? Cuz u can clearly see the inspiration drawn on the music is clearly gothic emo type rap

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