Fallen Apart – Resistance, Dependence, Defeat (1996) Gothic Rock – Germany

 Fallen Apart – Resistance, Dependence, Defeat (1996) Gothic Rock – Germany

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  • Amazing. Thank you so so much for uploading all these hidden gems.

  • Thank you so much for this album as well as all of your amazing uploads. Your dedication is much appreciated!!! ❤️

  • Cool

  • love the guitar sound and don't really care that it's been done already

  • 给力

  • Excellent EP from yet another band that for whatever reason, couldn't make a go of it. They are obviously very talented and tight with a wonderful sound. Thank you as always, your channel NEVER fails to bring IMO, the best in music history and your posts are filled with unheard of gems like this. Merry Christmas to you my friend, and to all who read this!

  • Love this, hey

  • Truth

  • When you pick up th missing an forgotten peaces of th jigsaw puzzle th trurh becomes clearer

  • Nice! Despite listening to quite a lot of relatively obscure German bands from the same era as this lot (Endless, Forthcoming Fire, Engelsstaub, early Sopor, Madre del Vizio, Swans of Avon et al.), I'd never heard this. Thank you for posting it.

  • supreme content
    dark af

  • Proving once again that the correct amount of reverb on drums is too much reverb on the drums.

  • oo i was impressed by this 🙂

  • Brilliant band. Thanks for sharing 😀

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