Gojira – Born For One Thing [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

New album ‘Fortitude’ out now: http://gojira.lnk.to/fortitude Written & Directed by Charles De Meyer Cinematography by …


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  1. Gojira opened with this song when I went to see them in Cincy and they blew the roof off the damn place. They came out throwing haymakers and landed every fucking one. If you haven't seen them live I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

  2. Man what year was it? 2002? Godzilla Possessed and saturate. I love you guys. Been here since the beginning. I won’t ever forget how you changed my mind in a time that I was heavy into nihilism. You single-handedly destroyed my depression. No other band. It was space time. Made me realize you guys are right. This is a perfect planet, revolving around a perfect star in a perfect little place in space. I love my mother more because you helped me learn my place on this planet. My mother taught me to love. Love is revolving around this perfect little star. We are standing on it and it chooses as such not to destroy us. If you are having trouble rationalizing you internally or the outer dialog you receive from others and the logic they have, you should listen to the words of Joey Duplantier. He is a hero. They are my heroes.

  3. Really? ANOTHER screamo-razor-throated-vocal band? Indecipherable lyrics and an elementary, monotonous melody? WHERE ARE THE BANDS THAT ACTUALLY have relevant, concise and identifiable lyrics and true, melodic content? Geez, enough already! This band sounds like every other , "we are the gods of false god Metal". Come on. These guys are great musicians, and it's criminal to watch and listen to them present this cookie-cutter nonsense to the global music community. "But…but they have millions of fans." Yea, they do. So did Milli Vanilli. In other words, TRUE music lovers… the Emperor has no clothes on.

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