Goth Albums of 2022

These are my favorites goth albums of 2022, I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

Awfully Sinister 2022 Playlist:

Bands featured:
Male Tears
Vandal Moon
Vision Video
Harsh Symmetry
Rosegarden Funeral Party
Urban Heat


Comments (38) on “Goth Albums of 2022”

  1. As usual your knowledge astounds me ill have to check your suggestions out . Looking through my collection only albums of 2022 I got were Birtday massacre 'fascination' and Ayria -both bands are contested as to what genre they fit into.
    On another note your makeup is on point !!👍

  2. First off, let me just say that I find it inspiring and interesting that you're able to mix both of your tastes in gothic rock, synthwave and traditional heavy metal. Just discovered your Twitter and Instagram pages. I dig them!

    As far as goth releases go for me, it's more the case of bands that I've discovered this year: Creux Lies, Reduction Plan, Replicant, Carpenter Brut, Drab Majesty, Perturbator, Lycia, The Answer Lies in the Black Void… I could go on.

    If you want more recommendations, hit me up. Cheers! Great list by the way!

  3. I hope you have a killer 2023, Ms. Danger! Finding your channel was one of my 2022 highlights. I'm actually a headbanger, but two albums in '22 that I really dug that may have some crossover appeal were Le Demon de l'Amour by The Neptune Power Federation, and Close by Messa.

  4. My top Goth albums this year are:

    This Cold Night – Are We Not Immortal Yet??

    Ropes of Night – Further Than Guns Will Go

    This Eternal Decay – Nocturnæ

    Vestron Vulture – Super Liger

    Vision Video are great, but I’m not really a fan of their new album, I always find myself wanting to listen to Inked In Red instead.

  5. Have you listened to House of Harm? I came across their song vicious pastimes and by extension the album of the same name and it’s amazing! I recommend at least checking out the single if nothing else ☺️

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