Goth At The BBC

 Goth At The BBC

Classic Goth Music at its best from the BBC, Watch and enjoy….


Top Of Pops Fan

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  • The perfect Style of Music for Halloween.

  • there are a lot of my favorite bands on the list. love it!

  • Que chingona música

  • The New (Bauhaus) (Documentary BBC)😍😍🧛‍♀🧛‍♀☠☠

  • I'm seriously ill but watching goth music videos (whether they're actually all goth or not) actually cheers me up for some reason.

  • It’s funny goth was so ridiculed at one time – but look now everyone wears tight skinny black jeans and you can hear goth influence in hip hop now too .

  • i have to say the selection was superb…and i know these are top of pops, but in terms of a more in depth
    version " goth" for future watchers..please include
    joy division, chameleons uk, japan
    virgin prunes, ultra vox, for the early 80s era include rozz williams,
    christian death, psychic tv, holy cow, marianne faithful, pet shop boys, for ..nineties include acts suzane vega, skinny puppy insane clown posse and the cranes cru shadows, spandu ballet, kfmdm, for 2000s include NIN, my chemical romance,
    boxpatrol, dorian james, gmmk,
    power masters, lil peep, ghostemene, beat goes on, oracle girls, bernard herman, Universal cell lock, timeghost, taboo, baby aspirin,
    its ok tocry, scruff puppy, love fades,
    gucci highwaters, brakence, billie eilish, jumex, sad eyes. for the 1950s and 1960s include nico , doors ultimate spinac, screamin jay hawkins, phil ochs, robert johnson.
    From the seventies include…..
    suicide, and stooges and kraftwerk
    Can and Bowie….(man who sold the world album). Goth is fluid
    so all the acts i mentioned above have goth dna in them….
    either a new strain or elements of older….strains…

  • John McBanshee was a fecking legend R.I.P sir.

  • Watching this in 2020 in the middle of a global pandemic and this has brought me joy!

  • Jaz looks possessed.

  • Did TOTP’s ever come around to letting bands actually play, or are all these lip synced?

  • And a big one handed slow clap to the scumbags at the BBC for making virtually all these lip-sync.
    I've seen a fair few of that line up play live of which mostly they were very capable, just a shame the to55ers at the BBC wanted to portray their happy-clappy pop bu11shit!
    And I must also question their inclusion of some of those acts, FFS who signed this off? Stock, Aitken & Waterman? Those ba5tards should by tried for crimes against humanity for what they inflicted!

  • Goth Rock had a Huge Influence on Soda Stereo in the 80s, the best Latinoamerican band ever

  • this is awesome btw

  • can we talk about murphy having no microhone?

  • Somebody talk to me about Shakespear’s Sister for god’s sake!
    I absolutely adore them

  • Ads cutting off songs, songs half played=Blob Broadcast Corpse, commerce killing art.

  • What no birthday party? Travesty!!!!

  • Marilyn Manson and goth? Not really. And where is Alien Sex Fiends?

  • When was this?

  • BAUHAUS..just Bauhaus..

  • Any Marilyn Manson fans are there? 🕸

  • Tracklist:

    INTRO: The Cult — Ressurection Joe – 0:00
    Siouxsie and the Banshees — Spellbound – 0:23
    Bauhaus — Bela Lugosi's Dead – 3:29
    Specimen — The Beauty of Poison – 7:16
    The Cure — Walk – 11:19
    Sex Gang Children — Sebastian – 14:01
    The Cult — Ressurection Joe – 16:52
    Depeche Mode — Blasphemous Rumors – 21:02
    Killing Joke — Love Like Blood – 25:04
    Strawberry Switchblade — Since Yesterday – 29:07
    The Sisters of Mercy — Lucretia My Reflection – 31:57
    Field of the Nephilim — Moonchild – 35:39
    The Mission — Tower of Strength – 39:57
    Shakespeare's Sister — Stay – 43:57
    Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds — Red Right Head – 46:54
    PJ Harvey — Down by the Water – 52:36
    Marilyn Manson — Personal Jesus – 55:47
    TITLE — 58:45

  • Marilyn Manson is NOT Goth!!!!! Come on BBC!

  • wow this was great siouxsie and marilyn.sisters of mercy also awesome but their performance seemed kind of watered down.the beauy of poison is a great song and im not normally into pj harvey and wouldnt consider it goth but fuck phonies anyway and down by the water is a good song.

  • Depeche Mode Goth? Never

  • I grew up loving DM, but I don't consider them Goth. And what is Strawberry Switchblade doing here? Even DCD's first four albums are more gothic sounding than that…

  • Manson here? wtf?

  • What is that song during the intro?

  • Methinks the BBC have not doneth their homework because a third of these bands are not Goth

  • Someone once asked me if I'd heard of PJ Harvey, and I was like 'No, who are they?'.

    I still don't know.

  • 58 min doc.. ten yt ad breaks.. impressive ratio.

  • Siouxie is the dogs bollocks

  • Who ever put this together is full of bollocks with Shakespeare's Sisters were more mainstream, next PJ Harvey is not nor as ever been Goth she is Pop Bitch and final Little Bitch Boy Brian is not the new king of Goth far from it he's just a little tosser bitch that needs to taught what is Goth and not.. Never been a fan of TOTP was more of a Old Grey Whistle Stop at least they had real Goth Band's perform. Fucking BC Tossers

  • There’s no more goth than Bauhaus. Period.

  • who the hell puts these things together why the following acts are on here I don't know they have never had anything to do with the Goth scene(however mixed up people are with what they think is Goth etc) the Cure/the Banshees / KJ / Depeche Mode(ffs) /strawberry switchblade / pj Harvey / shakespears sister / Marilyn manson

  • adverts suck youtube sux

  • Specimen track is very glam sounding yet they have a goth look.Nice guitar hook but I never really became a fan… I prefer more along the veins of TSOM, Bauhaus, JD, DM, The Cure, Lebanon Hanover, etc.

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