Goth/Gothic, DeathRock, Batcave, Post Punk- Darkwave

SONG: Under the Gun
ARTIST: Sisters os Mercy
I don’t own ALL of the videos. just a video for ppl who are interested in the ‘Goth Sub Culture’ ENJOY!! ^_^


12 thoughts on “Goth/Gothic, DeathRock, Batcave, Post Punk- Darkwave”

  1. It all changed for them since that duo with Ofra Haza,i used to love them when they were undergroung and only known by the people of the scene at the time.Alice,poison door,dominion.Thanks for the revival 🙂

  2. Blimey it looks nothing of what it started with,more of a carnival than the rebelious side of it.Well done with the Skelletal family,used to love them.Shame you didn't add the Virgin Prunes 🙂

  3. let eldritch talk as long as he wants. he helped start a movement he now doesn't want to have anything to do with…so he says…and still he quite often seems to be happy enough to perform on goth festivals…even good old carl mccoy who has a slightly more open attitude to the scene, even he plays on metal/rock festivals…something eldritch wouldn't dare to do…simply because he knows that that isn't the kind of music he does…sorry"did"…it is pure and simple:GOTHROCK=)

  4. I have to comment, because Mr Eldritch, who I lost all respect for some years ago has said some incredibly negative things about Goths.
    Souisxe(?cant be bothered to find correct spelling, but that doesn't look right) also has said she isn't a goth.
    I don't like Mr Eldritch because he seems to have been critical of the people who made his career. And some of the current fans have left comments on here that make it clear they believe his bullshit.

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