Goth House Tour

 Goth House Tour

Last video you saw the outside. Now it’s time for me to show you the inside of the Goth House!

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  • The wall behind the TV!!!!!

  • Yes. More black paint… On the sides of the door…

  • My God, I’ve just discovered you exist and I’m instantly obsessed!!! 🥴

  • Put a link to that Amazon mirror. I love it!

  • So beautiful really awesome best home I ever seen!
    Greetings from Croatia,love


  • I love the black and white aesthetic

  • 🤣

  • I fully expect some Emo / alt dude on a lawnmower to try and sell me home insurance now.

  • I really want to be your friend!!

  • It's beautiful. You did a great job.

  • Very creative, man. Freaking awesome! No doubt. Ya first moved in, that much white everywhere would drive me crazy! Even a lil bit of white gets to unless other colors here n there. I'm an Artist, Horror Writer, and Musician most my life. So always looking for new ideas and new creative people and vibes in this eclectic mindfrump world of exticy. Enjoy creating Hallow Art and projects all year around to Share and Sell online. Must say, adding all the gadgets and LED Lighting really expells the details and time you put into the home. No longer a house. Let's call it,…The Horrific Cave Dwelling of Awesome." Nice work, my friend. Keep going, keep creating. Let's see what else you can do. Stay spooky 🎃👻

  • Bruh for real. That wnat i am looking for for a style of a house. In that esoteric way. It is brilliant

  • So elegant yess. I want so bad. Of. Bruh. U got an amazing eyes

  • Your a great artist! From a HOG!! Looks great!

  • Dude finally found ur channel. Bruh. 😁😁😁

  • This is literally my dream house

  • The Beetlejuice hallway is amazing.

  • yayy X3333

  • I love what he's done with his house. You can never go wrong with the classics such as black and white. The most beautiful goth house ever.

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