Goth is back

 Goth is back

Goth Isn’t a phase Tonight! We are dressed from head to toe in a culture that has been hiding in the shadows for too long! The music, the attitude, and the life of Goths! Tune in as we break out the Demonias for a fashion walk off and we get to break out the 14 hands wine for a V-CAN, V-CAN’T!
Follow the House of Goth and be at Scout bar on June 10th for the GOTH PROM!


FOX 26 Houston

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  • exactly what I was going top say: goth never left, what are you even talking about? short of topics are you? there wasn't always YouTube and social media but there have been goths all this time maybe you just weren't paying attention?

  • as a 28 yr old goth dude that started when he was 13 . gotb never left



  • Ah, scenesters wanna scene.

  • My dear sweetheart I love you goth girls so very much and I find you very beautiful 😍 🀩

  • It’s way more than just music my friend. It’s a state of mind. And it’s most likely different for everyone. Way way more than just music.

  • Just naming Goth bands is not defining Goth or any style of music, or the subculture. If the 'Goth' subculture is just about the music why the specific aesthetic and accoutrements, why all the black, bats, skulls and coffins, there's a difference between Gothic and Goth they cry!
    Gothic -An affinity for and attraction to the morose, morbid, melancholy and macabre, expressed through music, art, fashion and literature.


  • πŸ¦‡

  • I like depeche mode: enjoy the silence

  • When I was in high school in the 1980s I never heard it called as Goth. It was referred to as Post Punk music. The word Goth didn't become totally popular term till the 1990s from my understanding.

  • Goth never left and never will πŸ¦‡

  • Goth never left and it started with the music. Maybe do your research. WOW!

  • Goth have the soul of Punk and the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe. Is it that hard to talk about Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Christian Death. Misfits is a great band but it wouldn't be on the top of the list of a trad goth band.

  • πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€ VIRGIN πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

  • Goth started in England

  • Black people will find the loser goth's to interview for their show, while they end up having to go with them for being different anyways, because the good guys are dead since nobody else cares if it can't be something, anyways.
    Goth is all about the stuff besides gay that people should be dead for, now.

  • Houston had a lot of history in the goth scene going back to underground clubs that got it going like The Morgue at Power Tools with the first female Goth Deathrock DJ's in Houston in the early 90's to Underworld and Numbers to everything in-between. Houston really had a big scene.

  • πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’œπŸ–€πŸ•ΈπŸ¦‡πŸ•· we have always been here just have to find us 🀣 mainly dark and damp places

  • I danced in Austin, but I never danced in a goth club in Houston. The DJs know what people need….Goth, Deathwave (sounds a little like Emo without the Valley song notes), some early punk, some industrial. We have a sound, but it's a wide suite, something you like is somewhere.

  • Yeah….drinks are cool and all, drink what you like, but if you are trying to drink what often goth's drink, you want to get a taste for Absinthe. If you can get it, some clubs can't thanks to misinformation from the early 80s. In most modern goth clubs, it's right at the bar.

  • hello from NJβ€β€πŸ–€πŸ–€

  • Punk didn't start in England πŸ˜‚. It started in America and then spread over there.

  • To say a legitimate and continuing SUBCULTURE is β€œback” is pathetic AF. Generic journalism at its finest. BUT it’s TEXAS…the historically conservative and β€œChristian” south. Land of slavery.

  • I think someone needs to tell these people what goth bands are, because Depeche Mode are synth-pop/alternative rock and Misfits were horror punk. He literally could've mentioned Bauhaus or Siouxsie and the Banshees?

  • Goth never left πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€


  • πŸ§›πŸ§›πŸ§›πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ•ΈπŸ•Έ

  • Houston Numbers NightCLub is the spot

  • Yall fucked up. Houston has numbers and an amaizng goth vibe. Like goth is dope. They better mention bauhaus or jou division

  • I've always dressed in black, going on 30 years now, as well as having long black hair ….I've been ridiculed for looking "different" in all that time too.
    Do I care?
    Hell no.
    I don't like given the label of "goth" because I'm not. I'm just myself and never subscribed to anything other than being myself and what I feel comfortable in.
    Most people grow out of it, it's just the latest craze to hang their hat on, but I get it, it's the joys of youth and finding your tribe…so to speak.

    For me, it's been years of being called Morticia witchy, weird and that's just a few. ( originality wasn't their strong point I guess) πŸ˜…

    Best advice I can give is feel proud of who you are, dress whatever way you like and don't let the narrow minded sorts drag you down.

    Much love πŸ’–

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