Goth is Not Dead (Part 1) | New Goth Music (2016) | Darkwave/Post-Punk/Gothic Rock

 Goth is Not Dead (Part 1) | New Goth Music (2016) | Darkwave/Post-Punk/Gothic Rock

Part one of the “Goth is Not Dead” playlist series. [Goth Rock/Post-Punk/Deathrock/Darkwave/Coldwave] Link to part 2: All too often …



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  • There is alot of great tracks on this compilation , keep up the good work 🖤 😎👍.

  • 1919 is a good band that was released in the 2001 my favorite song is dream

  • More Goth music, less gross hip hop and pop.

  • Definitely really need it to cure the pain, and even getting away from the conformists who are giving the gothic community a very difficult time trying to turning us into bunch of political correcting jerk offs.

  • Frankly,a lot of crap and "déja-vu"!!!
    Where are the new Christian Death,the new Bauhaus,the new Fields of Nephilims,the new Type O Negative???

  • I've been hearing goth music since i was 14, and always heard this. For those who complain that a certain style of music is dead, what they actually mean is, the 80s and 90s are gone. And unfortunately, for these people, no matter how many good music you show them from today's artists, they will never like it, and therefore, they will stump their foot and say everything is bad, without understanding that everything needs to evolve, otherwise, stagnation will lead to the real saturation of a genre.
    Bands like Fields of the Nephilim, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Bauhaus, etc, were good, but their time is good. Time to let other people shine.

  • Pepole keep saying goths not dead , but wouldn’t it be more goth if it was ?


  • Here from Richmond.

  • greatttt

  • Lebanon Hanover is a contemporary band top. I like so much their songs.

  • very good… thank u goth,s..keep on making music…nuvo goth material is needed//

  • new?

  • This I what was missing from my life. Thank you!

  • Love it;) PTY (507)

  • Thank you sooooo oooooooo much for these videos! Keeping my love for goth alive 🦇🖤

  • I've been listening to a lot of classic/80's goth, but I'm intrigued to hear that there's newer music, too! I really like She Past Away. The picks on this are very good 🙂

  • I love your channel!!! Thanks for all these great videos!!!

  • Im tuning in with the Universe right now… My third eye is pierching through the shadows

  • SlothRust! Definitely alternative. Maybe goth-friendly music. Either way, they're special. Try them!

  • Hello in Brazil beautiful music gothic

  • I love your choice of goth music accumortis

  • Thank you so much for this! As a long time fan of goth music, I've been looking to get more into newer goth bands, but they are so hard to find.

  • love your playlist btw I love this Goth dark dance music and Goth rock and Goth black metal

  • Goth isn't dead – but it's late.

  • Love this music adding to my music playlist

  • Thank you for the upload🦇

  • the BEST music…

  • As long as we have got all the classic 80's gothic music, that's all that matters to me. The sub-culture maybe dying but just look at metal. There's only a few of those classic bands still knocking around making music but when they stop, metal will still be a thing because of all the music that was made. Same with goth. That music will exist forever so it doesn't really matter in my opinion. When maiden and metallica stop making metal music, it doesn't matter because metal heads will still have something to listen to. Nothing ever truly dies. People still listen to classical music. It's not as popular anymore but people still listen to it… As long as we still have our playlists with siouxsie and the banshees, Bauhaus, sisters of mercy ect it doesn't matter.

  • Actually, I'm not a goth, but my soul surrenders to the beauty of these songs. Wonderful playlist!

  • Don't do it kids, you got your whole lives in front of ya…

  • Well damn how do you know about these bands ive never heard of most of them but i am loving it!!

  • IMHO we just listening rather very, very good mix of dark wave, than a todays goth music. If you like really enjoy thats mix, you MUST use good earphones instead computers speakers.
    Great, great, great!!!

  • very special loving it thank great list

  • Nice list! I love She Past Away. Bought their albums a while back. Soluk has that driving along a long dark road at night feel to it 👻 quick edit – have you heard Traitrs? They've done a few good tracks, definitely worth checking out 💀

  • loving it!!!

  • I'm by no means a goth but i do enjoy this kind of music a lot

  • After the bad taste most of the so-called deathrock bands of the late 2000's left in my mouth this Playlist is making me think I passed judgement too soon.

  • many thanks for Egoprisme! i didn't know about them

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