40 thoughts on “Goth/New Wave/Post Punk ETC. Vinyl collection.”

  1. Alison pls pls pls!!! If the lyrics to Coffin Maker are in that 13th Chime vinyl could you please post them somewhere? I cannot find them aaaaaanywhere and I can't fully understand his accent. Pretty please if you have the time. Thank you.

  2. Hello Allison, I hope your doing okay on this beautiful night.
    I loved your video. Actually I have some of the original albums of the albums you showed us.
    I Love Adam Ant! I still have 2 of his albums. It doesn't matter which one was the better of the 2, listened to them until they are no longer playable.
    The Church, Awesome!
    and Last but not least Missing Persons, Dale Bozzio was the total package. Great Voice, great Lyricist, and Awesome fashion designer. My favorite song will always be Windows.
    Thanks for showing your record collection. Those 3 Bands brought back A Lot of precious memories! 💗

  3. SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK 😀 My favorite band when I was a teen (and I still think they are the best group that ever existed)! Martin Degville (the singer) was a band stylist, he used to have a boutique with his own handmade clothes in London before he joined the band. Boy George was his roommate. "Blitz kids"…
    I've been watching your videos for months, but now is the first time I comment (had to!) 😉
    Adam Ant, of course, I have his records too… Malcolm McLaren was a manager who discovered Sex Pistols, Boy George (Culture Club), Adam Ant… They are all connected 🙂
    Tony James (Sigue Sigue Sputnik bassist and band leader) used to play in Generation X with Billy Idol… and later, when sSs split, he played with Sisters of Mercy. Now he's in Carbon Silicon with Mick Jones (ex The Clash).
    I would recommend Classix Nouveaux (singer looks like Voldemort) :))) they have 3 albums and there is no "bad song" – pure positive energy 😉 Their live performances are better than studio albums, so much energy, Sal and his "mirror" guitar, with lights behind him… I wish they've stayed together… "Runaway" "Never Again" "Because You're Young" "Guilty" "Is It A Dream" "The End or A Beginning"… and less known, one of my favorite songs: "Protector of The Night" – sounds spooky & "goth" 😉 Btw, it's all Sal Solo's voice, no female "back vocals" – yes, he's that awesome… Somebody stop me, I could write a novel XD
    Big hugs from Serbia!!!

  4. I've seen two of your videos mentioning your beloved records and I have been happy playing the music. (including your two albums as well)
    This video as well is a delightful treat to enjoy and will give those bands a listen, and most of your records are ones that I will never give up on. (The Cure, Joy Division, New Order, maybe etc.)

  5. That's bad ass that you collect vinyl records… I want to buy a MiniDisc player again… I would listen to so much music on my MD player :3 and did a lot of art while listening

  6. Great collection and I LOVE your hat. 😄 I went to Michael's yesterday, and I was so exited to see all of the All Hallows Eve stuff! Eeek! I have to go back when I get more money and pick up some things. 💀👻

  7. Wow, what a collection! I'm ashamed to say that I didn't know a lot of them… Thanks for the recommendations, it's always nice to listen to something new.

    Since you are taking request for future videos, I've read that you have quite the interest surrounding various paranormal things. Maybe you already did, but would you mind talking about it? Like… What were your experiences about, what have you done, what got your interest? I'd be curious to know!

    Oh and, really digging that outfit of yours too. Cheers!

  8. How do you manage to get your vinyl with excellent-condition covers? I am impressed! You must have the best of luck! I am not a purist with album covers, as long as the vinyl sounds good, but I am still impressed!

  9. we're vinyl sisters…great collection I agree on the ministry album because of its new wave greatness..also I'm interested in the Batcave comp.anyhoo love it I am so excited abt this video….

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