GOTH, POSTPUNK, SYNTHPOP, EBM: Best New Bands M-N (Playlist/Mix/Compilation)

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GOTH, POSTPUNK, SYNTHPOP, EBM: Best New Bands M-N (Playlist/Mix/Compilation)

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GOTH, POSTPUNK, SYNTHPOP, EBM: Best New Bands is an exhaustive playlist including the best new bands in Post-Punk, Goth, Synthpop & EBM styles. Exclusively created to promote and give visibility to the emerging bands from the dark music scene.

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🎬 Post-Punk, Goth, Synth EBM, Lo-Fi: Best New Bands (Youtube Playlist):

New Canyons – Spirit ’83 [USA]
Nuovo Testamento – Prayers [USA]
Male Tears – Hit Me [USA]
NNHMN – Magic Man [Germany]
Maurice Business – Centre Back [UK]
Monochrome Lover – Savior [USA]
MØAA – Night Vision [USA]
Matiajka – Floon Shmocks [Kuwait]
Non-Lieu – L’angoisse [Canada]
NABTA – Constant Journey [France]
Mala Herba – Lament [Austria]
Night Haze – Serial Dreamer [Greece]
MADMOIZEL – Funtime [France]
Mufti – klangwerk (mufti edit) [Mexico]
MIND/MATTER – Fêlure [France]
Nasdrowie – Danse Brutale [France]
Mega Sega Drive Club – Движение [Russia]
Nina Belief – SHALIMAR (Element 104 ft. Nina Belief) [USA]
Nkos – Will You Be Scared [UK]
Nurnberg – Abdymi (Ash Code Remix) [Belarus]
Nass Zuruck – Deathwish [USA]
Nueve Desconocidos – Desaparecer [Spain]
MА́ITSA – Иду к тебе [Russia]
Night Ritual – Away (KISS OF THE WHIP Remix) [USA]
Minimal Schlager – Disorder [Berlin]
Mansfield.TYA – Ni morte ni connue [France]

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The aim of these videos is only promotional and not-for-profit. All the advertisement benefits go to the bands, their record labels, or their music agencies. Thanks for watching.


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