Goth Reacts to "A Brief History of Goth"

—Original Pitchfork video:

—My Sources (books I’ve read in the past that have equipped me with this info):
1. Wilson, Tony. 24 Hour Party People. Macmillan, 2012.
2. Tolhurst, Laurence. Cured: the Tale of Two Imaginary Boys. Da Capo Press, 2017.
3. Mercer, Mick. Gothic Rock Black Book. Omnibus Press, 1988.
4. Thompson, Dave. The Dark Reign of Gothic Rock: in the Reptile House with the Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and the Cure. Helter Skelter, 2003.
5. Paytress, Mark, and Shirley Manson. Siouxsie & the Banshees: the Authorised Biography. Sanctuary Publishing, 2003.
6. Reynolds, Simon. Rip It up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-1984. Penguin Books, 2006.
7. Harriman, Andi, and Marloes Bontje. Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace: the Worldwide Compendium of Postpunk and Goth in the 1980s. Bristol, 2014.

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37 thoughts on “Goth Reacts to "A Brief History of Goth"”

  1. Hey everyone, I added my sources in the description. They were not sources of direct research specifically for the video. But, they are some of the books I’ve read that equipped me with a lot of the knowledge I used to correct Pitchfork.

  2. I know not of any so-called “goth” bands, and don’t recognize goth or gothic rock as its own distinct and separate genre. I see many bands that share a dark aesthetic and I see parallels in sound and style; these bands can come from a place of punk, metal, electronica, and so on and so forth. We can point to things, moments and events and say, that’s goth, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so. This is all so terribly subjective.

  3. Screamo musician here, grew up immersed in the Emo/Screamo/Post Hardcore scenes.
    Can say with absolute confidence.
    Goth has very little if nothing in common musically or even aesthetically with those genres.
    They share a certain dark edge… sometimes I guess.
    As for metal, the metalhead musicians I know and love dearly almost all share a common inability to get into goth music, it’s not aggressive or heavy enough for them so they seem lean into the Industrial scene for their darkness fix.
    I swear hot topic ruined so much that was sacred.
    Felt emo again might delete

  4. My Chem and AFI are neither Goth nor emo; they are scene, which is a bizarre mix of punk and 70s glam rock. If you look at the classic emo bands (The Get Up Kids, Jawbreaker, Brand New, American Football, etc.) they're wearing just t-shirts and jeans.

    Also, NIN and Manson aren't Goth either. They are industrial metal, which has Goth influences but at the end of the day isn't Goth.

  5. Ok, before I watch your video I want to say that as someone who is trying her best to learn as much about Goth culture… I clicked off the Brief History whatever video because I saw the weird self harming drawing and it sadly triggered me. I have been dealing with intrusive thoughts and suicidal ideation for a long time, and seeing that made me cry. Maybe I'm just sensitive, but I wanted to comment in case anybody else who struggles with similar stuff wants to watch the video. Idk if the video is good or not since I haven't clicked play on your video so I'll try and find my comment and reply to this after I watch your video:)

  6. You were correct in everything you said. I had to pull the car over while listening to this because of how frustrating it was to hear all the misinformation the pitchfork video was giving. I “came out of the coffin” in 1999, my junior year in high school. I associated with a very large Goth demographic during my years at college. I obtained so much knowledge from these people and it turned into passion. I think you are an excellent informer and I will most certainly be sharing this video. You could do a Ted-Talk on the subject. You have a wealth of knowledge that could do the world a lot of good! It disheartens me to think that the Goth culture has been painted into a landscape of so much misinformation. Thank you for being a true advocate.

  7. As a metalhead I can say metal and goth many times have mixed, heavy metal has a variety of sub-genres including gothic metal, the only issue is lots of people get confused and end up labeling bands incorrectly, but if you look into true gothic metal bands like Theater of Tragedy and Tristania, some of their albums are heavy influenced by gothic music from instrumentals to vocals. Unfortunately gothic metal is not popular in the U.S. but it is extremely big in Europe and Latin America, and it's very common to see people that dabble into both genres becoming a hybrid of both subcultures. That's just my opinion. Can't speak for the emos on that debate, never been there never done that.

    PS: He did specifically mention nu metal, I've never heard of it being mixed with goth, that just sounds cringe haha!

  8. what is mall goth???? and why is it such a bad thing?? every time i see something about mall goth its always accompanied by some rant about posers. i dont get it?

  9. "Goth" never existed in the 70s or 80s. All the bands you think were "Gothic" never thought of themselves as being such. More "new wave". The Banshees and Bauhaus never considered themselves "Gothic".

  10. They never mentioned the ethereal or minimal wave scene. Not even a mention of the proto punk artists that influenced goth like Iggy Pop or VU. This pitchfork video made absolutely no sense.

  11. Goths had jet black hair as they were scythian(Iranic) – R1a marker.Modern day goths/scythians in east europe are mixed with celts/nordics(blonds).For example in east germany one can still find dark haired people with sharper noses because of R1a of goths who settled there.

  12. 8:28 I'm a metalhead (I listen to Black and Doom metal mostly) both subcultures and music share very little in common, but people tend to confuse ourselves, especially black metal fans and goth people, I even think part of the goth stereotype came from black metal. And there is also gothic metal which is based off on romantic literature and not goth music

  13. as a goth who has a deep history with emo and metal, bruh, i have seen the fact people get it confused true, a lot of even darkly inclined folks from various categories thing metal is a goth thing, and that emos are metal heads. i have seen a HUGE overwhelming amount of people on social medias like amino associate Goth as a more fashion and aesthetic, and metalheads and emos as the more musical subcultures, and worst, that all three may combine. it annoyed me when i was more strictly emo, but eh i gave up giving so much when i learned more about either goth or metal

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