Goth Reacts to Eugenia Cooney

 Goth Reacts to Eugenia Cooney

The ever expanding saga of Eugenia Cooney continues.

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  • I really do appreciate this video. This artist took the most respecful approach to this topic when so many have taken to name calling and treating her like garbage. It is so hard to watch this girl slowly fade away because she clearly has a lot to offer. Sometimes, depression and disconnection looks a lot like a forced smile, but the eyes never lie. Hoping she finds what she needs to find.

  • Could you be any HOTTER?!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • If she recovered she would most likely have more views because of her story.

  • Thank you for being rational on this topic. There is no way she can get help while still on this platform and without this platform she cannot finance help. She is trapped in a web that will consume her.

  • 👏👏👏

  • Nobody hated Amy Winehouse,and was skinny as well

  • It’s crazy cause I use to watch you guys together

  • She should be cancelled. End of.

  • The super thoughtful & empathic goth kid (sometimes Native American??) makes fun of her condition by eating a cheeseburger prior to discussing how wrong every else's reactions have been.

  • i can’t really even imagine how much it hurts you as an friend maybe you should go back to her maybe you are her pure support 😢🤍 don’t know how close you were but you are someone from before, a time where she felt good and were much better health situation and by to connect with her again maybe wakes her up again I don’t know just random thought probably either you thought of this or already read this idea from someone else but truly bruuuh feels like you can be a good support 🤔🤔 don’t know why but that what I feel 🤍🤔

  • No offenssy ❤ I am a tiny girl but not as tiny. She really does need to get off social media Let's be realistic Social media is the reason why she is the way she is and I strongly agree. She needs to give this a break. I don't condone bullying. She's a beautiful young lady. I'm tiny myself so all fairness. This is me not throwing shade. I just want her to realize nothing's worth it. Take care of yourself.❤

  • You told us so much in the matter of ten minutes.

  • I thought EC’s family was independently rich before her? I would really appreciate your take on her predatory behaviour
    Edit: getting to the end of the video – her posting pro-Anna struggle 🦐 on her YouTube while tagging things like power puff girls and SpongeBob. That’s what’s I mean about her behaviour.

  • I did just watch a video that someone had of her in the beginning 100% stating that her viewer that was commenting had something cool in common with her. She said cool we both wear 84 pounds.

  • Idk this person… I don’t follow either one, but this popped up in my feed… hes genuinely heartbroken for his old friend. EUGENIA’s law should be adopted

  • You’re wrong you don’t see people smoking on tv or social platforms or drinking or drugs this is different

  • This issue is, imo, it's social media aiding in feeding her illness. That's why people resorted to trying to get her banned.

  • It's truly heartbreaking to see a person as skinny as her, especially because she was raised in a developed country, it just adds to the eeriness of the whole situation. The contrast between her unhealthy figure and the contented she has about her health condition is just too hard to get past.

  • She should take her own advice. She needs self love. 🖤 So instead of banning her, just boycott. Because if no one is watching, then she will not benefit from her eating disorder.

  • I know its not gonna happen . But people really just need to stop watching her. I believe that is the only way to save this girl

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