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  • The fetishism part is so true! I get it alot because of the fact that I am goth and when I tell people to stop (im 14 btw!) they think me being goth is an excuse for they fetishism and at this point pedophilia. Loved your video though as always! <3 Saw that you were posting it on your insta but haven't had the time to check it out but I knew It would be great as always!! <3

  • I loveeee the make-up❤❤❤❤

  • I’m a Christian goth and one of the nicest people you will ever meet but kids at my school and even parents profile for me being a shoplifter and a satanic devil worshipper sometimes I wish people would get to know you before they judge you.

  • It’s been a phase since 6th grade 😂 I’m a year out of highschool

  • I'm not goth I'm considered emo/punk but at my old school I used to get called goth a lot.

  • This video is so awesome!!
    Thank you for this because it’s def needed. I have heard some of the stereotypes that you mentioned. The main one are the devil worship one and the “oh I wear black because I’m depressed” I am depressed but that didn’t make me become a Victorian goth or wear a black lace skirt. And then the I have to be white…. Oh how many times have I heard this one….. that’s doesn’t stop me from dressing Victorian goth or listening to Bauhaus.

  • Breasts. Breasts. Breasts. Breasts. Breasts. Breasts. Breasts.

  • I get called emo almost every day. I'm a metalhead and a punk, but I used to be emo. I'm not anymore, but I have no vendetta against the emo community. I think they're awesome people! I just found that the punk and metal community fit me more. But I'm just sick of being called emo… It gets annoying, ya know?

  • I’ve had people ask if I praise the devil because of the goth fashion I choose to wear and the music I listen to. I’m actually a Christian and have been a believer for 13 years LOL

  • well spoken 🖤🦇


  • That’s such a beautiful video. Thank you so much.
    Even as an Emo, you have spoken out of my souls with some of these points.
    Especially the last one. But also the thing with the music. I mean, I get that some people are more emotional when it comes to it, but calling someone out for something as personal as music just is, seems so wrong.
    I have to say, I was luckily never told that being Emo is just a phase, but I know people from other subcultures that have been receiving comments like that. Let’s continue expressing ourselves in our own way, to show, it’s almost never “just a phase”.
    Thank you again for this. This was actually the first video I’ve watched, but I will definitely Continue following your content.
    Have a nice day
    Your fellow Worldly Emo 🖤

  • As a baby bat I also suffered from fetishism and gatekeepers telling me I'm not metalhead enough or know enough about goth subculture when I actually never said I was and I’m still learning, but thank you I feel so included now🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • I try to dress more masculine to avoid sexualization but some how it still happens. am almost 30 and still very gothy emo punk (yeah I don't fit neatly into a subculture) and have no plans in changing, yet I still feel imposter syndrome due to gatekeeping. I hate live in Japan and so many people ask to take pictures and get so many compliments when I am out and about. Its kinda ironic that Japan is one of the most homogenous culture I can think of but I feel so incredibly welcome and safe to dress how I do.

  • Am I a goth if I don't dress gothic but listen to goth music??

  • The makeup is amazing! What eyelashes did you use? 🫶🏻🖤

  • I wear black everyday in high school and everyone doesn’t believe me that I am goth, which literally zone out my dream. Being goth makes us cool, and I’m catholic I like to be goth on autumn and winter. Stereotypes of goths is very uncomfortable, and no matter what ethnics these people are, it’s just a style, you don’t have to paint your face white, my skin is brown and I choose my real complexion to put on goth makeup…it’s fun to be Goth.

  • Idk what makes someone a goth. I love the overall style but I have been told I'm not goth because I am too nice… I probably listen to some goth bands without knowing it too. Tho I would love like reading or song suggestions

  • Not all Satanism is atheistic and all forms of Satanism on the left hand path differ from each other. There's just as many types of Satanism as Christianity.

  • My dad thinks my depression will leave if I stop dressing goth. I don't have depression.

  • Can relate to all, oh and we all like Marilyn Manson 😒😒😒
    I do, but he ain't goth musicly, I love metal 🖤
    I'm a pagan, my ex was one too, not goth though so there rests that stereotype.
    Bauhaus paving the way is not a stereotype, its a fact but this is heavily debated with gatekeepers 😒

  • I consider myself goth cause I listen to the music but I feel less goth cause I don’t dress in goth clothes or wear goth makeup all the time 😭
    I also got called a poser by a “non goth” 🙃

  • I'm so glad I found this and that someone said it! Everything you said is how I feel. We are inclucive!

  • This was an amazing video <33 I'd love to see more like this!! And have you ever thought about collaborating w/ other YouTubers before? Because i just know you and Angela Benedict would make an amazing video together w this kinda topic!! If you ever think about doing it, i suggest her 🙂

  • I think I'm still a baby bat

  • I really liked your words, you are a very educated person
    And I agree on the words I am a Muslim and a very Gothic fashion that does not matter religions at all
    I love you very much, I hope you are happy in your life 💋 💋🖤🖤

  • Your makeup here looks soooo good omg

  • Thank you for addressing these things! The fetishism is something that's really started to bother me more and more, as I imagine a lot of goth women online can relate to. Not only does it piss me off that people make a bunch of assumptions about me, it also pisses me off that they somehow feel it's okay to behave inappropriately towards me because of these assumptions! I've had quite a few people assume I do some level of SW or at least spicy fetish pictures, which of course they request. I've had people assume I'm a dominatrix and tried to get me to sext with them as such. I've had people assume I'm promiscuous and/or "easy" and they seemed genuinely surprised when I wasn't. Look, first of all I'm very vanilla and very monogamous so assuming I'm a kinky town bike because of how I look is straight up incorrect, but EVEN IF IT WASN'T, even if I was a whole entire BDSM queen, that would STILL not make it appropriate to message me gross shit out of the blue!

  • This was a really good video!

  • Haha… heard them forever.
    And I promise… for me it's not a phase.
    I am 54 and goth since the 80s.

    One thing you never mentioned…

    Goths can't laugh!
    Haha, that one we had fun with on our ways to the clubs when I was younger.

    Stay safe gorgeous 🦇🖤🖤🖤🖤🦇

  • Gurllllll your makeup slaysssssssssssssssssd

  • luv uuuuu


  • Awesome vid🖤🕷as someone who listens to emo,punk,goth and metal i always chuckle when ppl try to use emo as an insult especially when im wearing a full on punk outfit😅😂

  • I love your Beelzebub picture in the background!

  • I transferred to a new high school in 87 and a guy gave me a hard time for not being able to name Love & Rockets first album. Two years later in 89 guess who scored back stage passes at a Love & Rockets show? Me! LOL That crap happened a lot in the 80's, especially if you were a young woman into punk music. I had to prove my punk and goth music knowledge so many times back then.

  • Great vid, I grew up in the satanic panic era and as a child certainly held the misconception that goths were satan worshippers, due in no small part to being raised in a Christian cult.

    I've given a bit of thought to the expectation of whiteness in goth scenes. I won't say it were part of goth culture; at least I firmly believe it shouldn't be, but it should be acknowledged that both external and internal expectations of whiteness in goth do exist, and were a big problem when bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees wearing nazi outfits for shock value started attracting a notable far-right segment to their shows.

    Furthermore, the inside views shouldn't imo be dismissed especially with any advocacy of cultural appropriation. Instead, I think it'd be more useful to acknowledge and highlight the role of people of color, with artists like Death, in forming early punk culture in which goth originated, as well as modern goth bands like O. Children.

  • I love you 😊❤

  • Hey babe ❤😊

  • I love ur background wall also what lipstick are u using ?

  • i spit my drink when you said "wiener pictures"

  • Goth people are awesome

  • Funny cause I did my public speaking presentation on the differences between emo and scene as well as the different subcategories of alternative fashion 😂. I want to preference that when it comes to mental health people always assume the people who don’t fit society mold are sick in the head. Like how is someone dressing a certain way means they’re mentally ill compared to someone who go can dress like Jordan Peterson. At this point I’m glad my RBF keeps people away from me. Goths can be whatever religion they want just like cosplayers but if you’re apart of the Black Community oh boy get ready for the “Oreo” crap 🙄. As someone who both siblings and childhood was labeled as “white”, it’s ridiculous to the point that I even call out other blacks for “white appropriation”. You can’t be a kettle calling the pot black

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