Goth Tries Normal Fashion PROPERLY | Black Friday

 Goth Tries Normal Fashion PROPERLY | Black Friday

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Been meaning to redo this for ages! Did I do better this time?
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It's Black Friday

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  • I wish I could give u a “normal” person makeover. Ur a beautiful women I don’t feel u highlighted that but ur beautiful both ways the goth style suits u

  • You look good I would say a lil rose in cheek then it be 10 instead of 99 lol

  • I am a pale redhead myself. I used to only wear black (I'm 58) so I either looked metal or goth. The biggest problem I had was I was pale, but with yellow undertones…..which was intensified by the black. Also, most redheads don't have white teeth, something to do with the density of them. I would love to wear a deep purple lipstick, but it's not flattering on me. I get the remarks about you looking like Helena Bonham Carter (probably the hair) but I get a Siouxsie Sioux vibe from you!! I've been binge watching your videos all day…..

  • Very nice…so beauty❤

  • Alternative title: Goth tries on bizarre costume for a day

  • Your soo funny! The dressing room moments were just awesome, for the record you make an amazing goth 🥰🌟 i wish i had the nerve to wear more of my blacks, i still wear my crow skull though 😊

  • Beautiful

  • I've gotta say it, lol, that wig, with light curl, that dress with flip flops in black would lol fab, summertime goth. I love the bottom of the drsss, in black it'd look witchy. Itd look really nice in black. You look like a teenager, poss very early 20s without your usual make up I gotta say. I do prefer the black tho.

  • I'm. Not a goth but I must say u look more beautiful as goth then normal it just suit su so well

  • You looked unrecognizable I like your Gothic look way better !

  • U still did this white pale base u are used to….

  • its so funny how you think you are boring and predictable when I’m always so stunned at how beautiful and meticulous you are. You go into such great focus into what you want. I think you are passionate and wonderful.

  • It’s being different that makes us. Normal if we all were the same life would be boring ❤

  • I think u are beautiful in your natural look! my only suggestion is to use an eye concealer under your eyes, eye liner, and a heavier eye shadow with either mascara or fake lashes. Other wise you looked great!

  • Well, now I got Big Country Stuck in my head.

  • Maybe have a hair stylist help with the wig next time?

  • 15:40 i hate that even more since my enemy loves those shoes🤮

  • 14:36 this outfit is not bad as the first dress it gives off fairycore or creative vintage girl

  • girl that normal dress is ugly no offence thank god for you’re a goth

  • 15:50 it’s a reverse funeral dress!

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