Luciana Vidal

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  • Does anybody know the lyrics please!!! I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!!😎

  • I like this

  • what is the name of this band I need to know pllzz

  • Super gut

  • I believe Father God and Mother God created the universe so that they could make love through us, metaphorically as well as literally. Hyper-capitalism, materialism, competition, comparison, war and social dissociation stand in the way. Let us forget this modern society and become regionally agriculturally self-reliant and self determined. Lets start the age of romance as when men were men and women were women. Let our children run free and barefoot in the grass.
     When the of union of Father God and Mother God cannot be achieved harmoniously, part of us hopes for death. The death we truly wish for is not a death wish for ourselves but it is a wish for a death of a society that divides men and women from meaningful union. We must live to strive for a better world.

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  • whats wrong with being goth.

  • tears of sorrow? how lazy. they should call every song "slight variations of negativity".

  • Gothic music and gothic style is art.
    Perfect video.

  • @brendonHkTk Damn straight. My best friend's mom dated Peter Steele, by the way. Type O and 69 Eyes will always be looked back upon and referred to as a reference for today's *real* gothic bands.

  • @vampateer21 It's the negativity that is often attached to the label that people dislike. Although, there will always be negativity

  • Gorgeous 😉 I'm not a "goth" nor dress like one, but gothic art and music is just absolutely stunning. I think its the most beauitful style of music and art.

  • @vampateer21 i prefer not to be labeled cus i guess it brings stereotypes and i hate it when ppl say oh shes gothic cus she wears all black or something like that but i think of myself as me not goth emo punk.. just me 🙂

  • This song is horrible.

  • @F3ARthe1 Goth has little to do with looks. Goth is a way of life. Goth is no sub-culture, its a culture. Goth servived longer then any other style around.
    How I discribe goth: Goth is to find beauty where there is none.

  • @JigsawPuppet122333 i guess i am gothic. clothes i have some of, but attitude i have completely.

  • @Shielioln you dont have to have black hair to be goth. to be goth you need to have the clothes and the attitude

  • i wish i could dress goth… but unfortunately i have the look of a blond nerd…

  • @F3ARthe1 im goth but i dont have the look i even beleive in wiccan but i dont do it.

  • @jerymonet1 Aww I'm really sorry… You have a friend right here anytime if you want to to talk. ^_^

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