GOTHIC ROCK?! ((A Video for the Younger Generation.))

 GOTHIC ROCK?! ((A Video for the Younger Generation.))

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  • Please do more of this!

  • I love sisters of mercy , I recommend ghosting there a German band ad infinitum is my fav track also disguised in black, and I love specimen which is a british band from the 80s my favourite track is kiss kiss bang 🙂

  • I recommend "LAST RITES", it's one of the best gothic rock bands from the 90's.

  • My favourite album too! I was just listening to that today. I couldn't get ready because I couldn't stop dancing! Hahaha
    black planet black world 💃🏻💀🌑

  • Thank You for the introduction of some awesome gothic artists. By the way………you cute. 🙂

  • I would REALLY REALLY love if you made a video on The Damned, it's my favourite band, and it's also a band very underrated in the goth subculture so it would be really really AWESOME if you told your views on their music and their history, I started to learn more about them this year in april and I went to see them live in Portugal. BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE

  • I'm surprised that you did not mention Gary Marx leaving the band and forming Ghost Dance with Anne-Marie Hurst from The Skeletal Family. I think the departure of Marx signaled the Sisters decay into less awesome music and that Ghost Dance carried on the badassery of the Sisters.

  • love the sisters of mercy

  • the damned? they started very punk, didn't they release stuff before The Sex Pistols? Have a veggie member, captain Sensible that posts good reviews of veggie restaurants on Happy Cow.

    I you are pronouncing Nephilim with an extra syllable, as if it's Nephiliam so, Carl McCoy the lead singer came from a religious family, possibly Jehovah's witnesses, I am unsure. I think he rebelled against that and was quite into witchcraft and the like, (something you have in common?) and chose the name Fields of the Nephilim due to ideas about other plains of reality where these beings, similar to the Biblical Nephilim are, trying to influence our lives. Grew up in Stevenage, I am unaware of anything special about that place. Others who know about this stuff tell me he must also be into Chaos Magic.

    Their first EP had saxophone on it.

    I would have loved to see the original line up live, you can see the current line ups live recordings and I think they are not quite as good, but some of my old Goth friends from my home town say they are still excellent.

    the music mag NME, or was it Melody Maker had some very funny skits treating Carl as an aloof mystical figure, unaware who was in the band, Carl- "Nod? whose Nod?" "He's our drummer Sir" Nod got given ten press ups as a punishment when the rest of the band tricked him into serving Carl cookies that were really human excrement, it was hilarious, but perhaps not in my retelling.

  • Thank youuuu soooo very much i am glad that i know at least 3 bands it feels really awesome , i really love your videos Queen its imformative and really cool and fun to watch thanks for making them <3 , hehe i share your feeling about going to record stores it's super awesome and exciting!

    I am kinda new to the goth scene i have always loved the dark themes art styles, feelings and the music ever since i was in pre-high school but where live the alternative and metal scenes considered taboo ( in public mostly) so untill recently i started wearing and playing with make-up ( i am a guy btw) , but i have a question this summer i am going to travel aboard and try my best to have the gothic look but i am really concerned about not be really accepted by the goth community or be accepted in general i know people will probably look at me with a strange look but i dunno about how would i feel if i been to a goth club:( anyway i am sorry about the long comment and my crappy English wish you and everyone a really wonderful time thanks ^.^

  • <3

  • The Goblin Queen eh?…. You know…. you remind me of the babe.

  • Really nice video 🙂

  • The Sisters of Mercy is one of my favourite bands. Andrew Eldritch is awesome!!

  • I got the Clan of Xymox album Breaking Point. But aren't they more darkwave rather than goth?

  • This is great! I love Sisters of Mercy as well as The Damned and several others you touched upon, and have learned about a few more! SUBSCRIBED & FOLLOWING!

  • What about Joy Division? have you heard of it (of course I do have these albums) and they're really gothic rock and post-punk , similar to The Sisters of Mercy. The Cult (have you listen to song called 'Moya'?). Great job on describing what gothic rock are and who are the bands who contributed to this genres to younger generation. 🙂

  • The Fields of the Nephilim have songs that draw from the works of HP Lovecraft and Aleister Crowley.  The esoteric and the occult are heavy themes in their music.  When you listen to their music you can almost hear the return of the Nephilim, from beyond the waters of the Biblical flood.

  • YAY for my Meme!
    "Hey! Here's The Cult. I guess you can check that out too. THWAK

  • I love Xymox<3

  • I am actually surprised so many people on YouTube recommend Blutengel. Where I live (German-speaking area), Blutengel are not only despised and considered "posers" by many, but also Schlager. Hence they are often called "Schlager Goth". Schlager, by the way, is the kind of German folk-pop based music mostly sung by blonde, blue eyed Germans wearing their ultra traditional German attire and who sing mostly about love, how beautiful their homecountry is and which is just extremely kitschy and slushy.

    I know some people will be highly offended now as its their fav band, but I personally find that they are kitchy, their music is more a combination of electro meets Pop than Darkwave  and their overall image is that of your stereotypical "so edgy it hurts" goths.

    Honestly, there are far better gems in the electronic Darkwave department, such as Clan of Xymox (their 80s releases mostly), the Beauty of Gemina, Lebanon Hannover, She Past Away, The frozen Autumn, the Machine in the Garden, Diva Destruction, Diary of Dreams, Gary Numan (more his stuff since the 90s, everything before was more classic Synth-Pop)

    I also urge people to check out some nice Deathrock and Goth bands on bandcamp, where you can support these groups easily and for a nice sum of money. I have found some really good Wave and Goth there, including Aeon Sable, Catholic Spit, Keluar, Shadowhouse, Masquerade, Readership Hostile, Night Sins, Horror Vacui, Arctic Flowers, Disjecta Membra, Infidel, Soror Dolorosa, DEKODER, Crimson Scarlet and many more.

  • you ever listen to the band corners? goth af 

  • im so envious of your album/record collection. my broke ass is dying over here hahaha.

  • I was wondering, what about the Industrial Goth scene? Bands like Wumpscut, God Module, Velvet Acid Christ, Android Lust, Snakeskin, Combichrist, Psyclon Nine, those were bands I used to listen to as a teen (being born in 93) but aside from my little crew I had at the time I never really met anyone in this culture, and years later whenever I called these bands "industrial" I was shunned and asked "does this sound like Nine Inch Nails to you?"
    So what's up? From which culture these bands come from?

  • BlutEngel, Fear Cult, Lazy Lane, Hate In The Box, The Crüxshadows (not necessarily Goth, but sings a lot about Greek mythology, also one of my most favorite bands.). Shadow Image, Also, there's this great band called Esoterik (wink, wink)! I have so much more to share, but I listen to a lot of obscure bands, some not even found on YouTube. So I guess I'll just stop there. Though if I remember a really great one, I'll be sure to share it.

  • If you haven't heard of them you should check out The Elements! Basically they're The Skeletal Family but with a few extra members. They are super obscure though, so it's pretty hard to find any of their old music (thankfully there's YouTube).

    I love The March Violets! It's cool, they just released a new album in 2013!

    Hunting record stores is always fun! I wish Red Lorry Yellow Lorry was easier to find where I live too.

  • I'm really diggin' your channel.  Keep up the good work!  I'm enjoying taking a stroll down memory lane with you. This is the music I grew up listening to in the 80's. It was called "alternative" and my local college radio station also called it "Progressive". Yeah…I'm old, but damn they made some great music back then!!  Not too many people knew about it, though 🙁

  • That was, indeed, a good help. In such a goth-scarce land as the south, I'd like to get my hands on some of these albums.

  • I kept pausing to write these bands down.

  • The Sisters of Mercy was my first gothic rock band, and are my number one recommendation to baby bats! First and Last and Always is an album that I absolutely adore and, to me, the apotheosis of gothic rock. Fields of the Nephilim (which is actually pronounced "Neh-fil-im," by the way) and Clan of Xymox are a couple of my other favorites. Oh, have you heard of Angels of Liberty, Kaz? They're a fairly new gothic rock band from the UK who sound like a cross between The Sisters of Mercy and Nosferatu (another favorite band of mine), and I HIGHLY recommend them! V;;V <—-That's a bat.

  • Thanks so much for doing this! It gives me a great starting place and now I have March Violets's Walk into the Sun stuck in my head.

  • I was hoping to find more information i didn't know through your videos but they just left me with more questions haha. I've always been deep into goth culture. I grew up on Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, The Cure, Type O Negative, Joy Division, New Order, etc. I'm interested to know how you feel about modern Goth Rock and Metal. Specifically bands like HIM, The 69 Eyes, Cradle of Filth (YES THEY HAVE MANY GOTHIC IDEALS IN THEIR LYRICS AND IMAGERY), Motionless in White, and even Some Marilyn Manson. 

  • Your hair is so so so amazing, if I crimp my hair it never stays in long.
    Great video ^^

  • Verry nice video 😉

  • Yeah, I have no problem ordering online because I'd be without any goth music if I didn't do so. All the used album stores in my area are filled with Kanye West and Conway Twitty.

    The dark fog that surrounds the Fields of the Nephilim is intentional.  🙂  Carl McCoy is very much about using mystery to emphasize intrigue. I just wish they'd put out some new music. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE what they've put out, more recent albums like Mourning Sun in particular, but that was still eight years ago.

  • Oh wow – if I were to ONLY buy music whenever I was in a physical record store, I'd have no music. o_O Finding post-punk, gothic rock, deathrock, or anything remotely similar quickly becomes a huge problem here in the far far away corner of the Earth.
    Especially if one is inclined to collect vinyl LPs of said genres. 

  • •×:!¡!♥!¡!:וTHE CRUE•×!¡!♥!¡!:ו

  • It would help if you had a whiteboard or chalkboard to illustrate the ties between the bands


  • Wat are u favo band?

  • Other classics I would recommend are Southern Death Cult, Sex Gang Children, Virgin Prunes, Gene Loves Jezebel, Theatre of Hate, as well as newer stuff like Cinema Strange.

  • Best bands ever

  • I've been trying to find more goth bands to listen to recently so yeah so glad you're doing this since I'm still a babybat

  • Your opinion about the 69 eyes? ^^

  • Dude I'm so Proud of you for making this video but don't take this wrong I don't think you said the last CD's name wrong isnt nephilium or how ever you spell it monster children of Angels with the Daughters of men blehhh

  • Yay for Som and neph 😀 skeletal family tends to be quite popular too

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