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My favorite REAL goth bands. This is real gothic rock learn what it really is 4 once!!!


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  1. Hi, Nice Discussion Here, i think i make some Comment here, because i have nothing to do and because i wont the batcave club today here in zurich and because im a probably a trad goth, i dont really now, i think im just invidual and myself, and because i cant speak inglisch werry good. Goodbye. Thank you reading this shit.

  2. teach us what ? do you think we dont know it. as for a history lesson in goth try reading a book about it. try the authors mick mercer and nancy kiliatrick. as for clubs find out about slime light and batcave dont tell us about being goth we know more than you think. just to add contact the campaign for sophie lancaster and purchase a wrist band in her memory. just in case you dont know she was murderd for being a goth and her family educate pupils at schools and spread awareness that hatekills

  3. well to say that all goths are dramatic is very untrue i am not dramatic at all and i don't see myself in a goth stereotype i am clearly not cyber and i hate industrial music and ebm and stuff like that so i think England is more of a good place to go to

  4. gothross king of the goths in your world are you ?. i was stereotyping goths ok. having seen at first hand what a gothic drama is like to live with and witnesed the scene i was just laughing at it. are you a cool cyber or trad goth?. lighten up, goths have been around for years and a good place to go is germany and have a gothic romance with yourself.

  5. to b goth means at first 2 b gotha than thou. my girlfriend has been trad goth 4 years but sometimes is a cyber. i am not a goth but love the fashion,music and genre maybe one day i will goth up but am unsure if i want 2 be trad goth or cyber am i of the light or the night oh dear my first drama and crisis ithink il have a diazepan. anyway from outside your gothic drama it looks like freedom 2 me keep unwell 4 ever, death 2 you all xxx

  6. Yeah, so Spain had their scenes going on, like the other places. You still had no influence on the Uk or the U.S. Otherwise, I'd've heard about it. The UK is still credited with being the main source, with bands like Bauhaus, and the Siouxsie And The Banshees, Specimen, etc. but, as I said before, the U.S. had Christian Death and others too.Heard them? Bauhaus and Christian Death formed roughly about the same time, 1979.

  7. I live in the U.S. and the goth, new wave, post punk thing was going on in just about most places, even Japan,(The Plastics)had bands. Yet, I think the UK ,and the U.S. were the prime movers and shakers in the goth thing really.the UK primarily as far as goth, since that is a UK term whereas, Death Rock was a U.S. thing, it's a matter of where you were at (if you were, I was) in the 80's.

  8. Funny, I remember terms like Deathrock and "mope rock" being used to describe this music in the early 80's. I never heard the term "goth" until the later part. Death Rock was what bands like Christian Death and 45 Grave, referred to themselves as. Rozz Williams, fervently denied the goth tag. I think the "goth ' tag was primarily used in the UK.

  9. wtf is with the "Deathrock doesn't exist" thing? Deathrock is more punk sounding than trad goth rock (which is more atmosphere-based); it leans almost more on horror punk but is bleaker in tone (hence drawing from post-punk too, whereas most regular goth is just post-punk based). That's what sets the difference.

    A little history will tell you that some of the early deathrock bands, especially the many from the LA scene, had little influence from Britain's post-punk scene to begin with.

  10. und du hast den Durchblick oder? lol
    The early DCD and The Cure are Wave/Goth whatever you wanna call it … nobody owns this expression and it was there before all the kitschy bands like Goethes Erben and the like were mushrooming. The selection here is awful nevertheless (like the worst from most of these bands)

  11. It is possable to like "Goth metal" and symphonic rock without being a poseur. Same goes to Marolyn Manson. Difference between Poseurs and 'goths who like non goth music' is, poseurs will claim till their lips are blue that Manson/Nightwish/Evensence is Goth.