Gothic Rock Mix Vol. XI

 Gothic Rock Mix Vol. XI

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy lately but I’m still here, we’re already more than 1.000 people, thank you and keep supporting the bands and the gothic music in general, see you soon!


01.- Ashengrace – Amber
Taken from the album “Sandstorm” released in 2005.

02.- The Morendoes – This is Blindness
Taken from the EP “There is No Salvation” released in 1994.

03.- Stiff Kittens – Light
Taken from the single “Contempt” released in 1986.

04.- The Council of Days – House of the Serpent
Taken from the album “Dark Night of the Soul” released in 2014.

05.- Head on Fire – Hangman
Taken from the album “Nostalgia” released in 1995.

06.- El Clan – Odio
Taken from the album “…Sigue Soplando el Ánima” released in 1998.

07.- The Vengeful Widows – Hourglass
Taken from the EP “The Rise” released in 1994.

08.- Address Unknown – Undercurrent
Taken from the EP “A New Kind of Drug” released in 2009.

09.- Dulce Muerte – Realidad Inerte
Song taken from the self-titled demo “Dulce Muerte” released in 2010.

10.- Excession – Years to Come
Taken from the album “Jong & Huga” released in 1998.

11.- The Batfish Boys – The Whiskey Priest
Taken from the LP “Head” released in 1985.

12.- 13th Sky – A New Ritual
Taken from the album “The Sin Sessions” released in 2008.

13.- The Red Badge of Courage – Crying Eyes
Taken from the EP “Into the Past” released in 1990.

14.- Bloody Mary – Better Down
Taken from the album “Party Music for Graveyards” released in 2010.

15.- Severance – New Cult
Taken from the album “Thresholds” released in 2017.

16.- Lady Besery’s Garden – A Gaping Tear
Taken from the album “Perceptions” released in 1996.

17.- Of a Mesh – Crazy House
Taken from the self-titled EP “Of a Mesh” released in 1986.

18.- Lacrima Necromanzia – Let Our Bed Be Your Tomb
Taken from the album “Solam” released in 1996.

19.- Arts and Decay – Buffalo
Taken from the album “Stone Talk” released in 1989.

20.- Soul in Isolation – No Elevating Days
Taken from the album “Black Days in Heaven” released in 1994.

21.- Vivid Atmosphere – Dream’s Called
Taken from the EP “Hag-Ridden” released in 1992.

22.- Slow Burn – Smoke and Mirrors
Taken from the album “Candy from a Stranger” released in 1992.

23.- Leisure Hive – Brilliant Blonde
Taken from the album “Our Secret Films” released in 1998.




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