Haunting Today – Haunting Today (1986) Gothic Rock

 Haunting Today – Haunting Today (1986) Gothic Rock

In Depth Music is an independent online music library focusing on late 70’s and 80’s music genres such as post-punk, new wave, …


In Depth Music

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  • MERCI!!! I've been looking for that album for years! I made it play so much in my student year as a school DJ at the radio étudiante! I still have it on vinyl but, sadly, my old turntable doesn't work anymore, so I couldn’t listen to it for years…

    Anybody knows if we can buy it somewhere (digital or cd)? I can't find any information on that band, on Google…

  • A good cool Positive energizing freshness Sonic 🌊🌊 from Quebec!

  • My god, it takes me right back to my high school years! Thank you for sharing that.

  • Thank you

  • This album has definitely influenced our band.

  • These guys are seriously criminally underrated. Can't find anything on them apart from in depth music and some weird live videos. Thanks for the upload tho this stuff is a gem!

  • I wonder what the cast of "Hair" thought about this take on Aquarius.

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