How to: Post Punk Gothic 80s Bass Tone

 How to: Post Punk Gothic 80s Bass Tone

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Nicki Tedesco

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  • Really cool to see Post Punk/Goth bass FINALLY get some coverage in an endless sea of mainstream rock/metal bass videos. As someone who has played bass for over 20 yrs., is an ardent fan of Post Punk/Goth and has covered these and other songs from bands like Siouxsie & The Banshees, Tones On Tail and Bauhaus, I can say that you hit the mark on getting the bass tone used on 'This Unrest', 'Land's End', 'Burning Skies' and 'Movement Of Fear'.

    In my personal experience playing these songs, I also used a very similar setting with my pedals and added a touch of reverb too to thicken things up a bit. I also lowered my tone just a bit to dull the bright "bite" of new strings. Some might keel over of shock at what I'm about to say but, I also found it easier to emulate those tones by playing with strings that had a slight bit of "play" in them (a.k.a. slightly old strings).

    Not so much play that they sounded dull and dead but, just enough to lower the brightness. This allowed me to easier emulate the bass tones heard on albums/tracks from The Chameleons, Asylum Party, The Sisters Of Mercy, Joy Division, The Cure, The March Violets, Gary Numan and many, many more. Thank you for making this video and being one of the very few that dare to hand over the spotlight to the VASTLY underrated, overlooked and flat-out ignored Post Punk/Goth genres. Their time in the "spotlight" has been BEYOND overdue…

  • I’m so into post punk

  • Cool vid

  • Amazing stuff..

  • Amazing stuff..

  • Oooh I need that pedal! 🤘

  • Also…never cared about bass till I got back into post punk and goth and im obsessed with it but im a vocalist and suck at guitar

  • I play guitar and have a baritone guitar and amusing octave effects for bass sounds and I really enjoy it. But I don't know if I can get it right. I should just get a fucking bass already

  • Thanks for the tips. Been struggling with that tone for a while.

  • This helped inspire me to want to play bass again. Also i want to hear every song in this video lol

  • Excellent and thank you!

  • sickass bass yo

  • Absolutely the best music ever. Thanks for having great taste

  • Do you have a preference for which D'addario ProSteels? I clicked your link to their page and was overwhelmed by their options.

  • We used the basses we could afford… P basses and copies. But sure, the MM 'Ray is also a Leo designed treasure.

  • Could you suggest another pedal effect like or similar the T. C.? Thank you

  • name of the song with the sax efect ?

  • Yall fuckin bri'ish casuals dont know real post punk

  • No matter what gear I see, I always start GASing after it.

  • Your playing sounds so good. How do you get so much attack without using a pick?
    I noticed that some guitarists are also able to get that sound without a pick. Specifically Drab Majesty

  • I just always used Boss chorus and flanger pedals for this.

  • I love this type of music. So incredible atmosphere. When I buy a bass, I'll definitely play this post-punk tone 😊


  • This was soooo helpful!!! I love how you smile as you're playing :)) you can tell how much you love it!

  • Hello Nicki. I was introduced to you by Jeff over at #MHH. Thanks for joining my channel. Much appreciated. I returned the kindness. VIVA LIVE MUSIC!

  • I love goth people and rock music

  • Is like Clone theory original 79' pedal ? Thank's for post …

  • “This Unrest” nice!

  • Thanks! Very helpful

  • Lovely bass. But I get a more authentic post punk/new wave sound out of my Clone Theory Stereo Chorus also my vintage Ibanez Flanger.

  • I'd be all over ur flanger baby 😎And right in ur chorus mode ☠️ love from Scotland ✌️

  • Holy fuck this sounds so good, definitely gonna try to get this pedal for my birthday if I can.

  • Thanks for this

  • Post punk and new wave music made me pick up the bass guitar. Smiths, cure, the cars, the pretenders, the police, I could go on and on. These bands all had great songs but also the bass lines were always so interesting and busy. Almost like a song within a song

  • Simon Gallup (The Cure) 🤭

  • That intro sounded very cool, was it one of your own?

  • Just subscribe your channel and love that somehow "gloomy", "reverb" sound of Post Punk/Goth bass. I am just into post punk and hearing of The Cure. It's great. Before that I digged Steve Harris' bass playing. I am just glad that I become to like other music too.

  • Sold my bass for my addiction, got help now, want to pick it back up. One of my inspirations was the bassist from Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Sad Lovers and Giants.

  • What's the song at the start/opening the video? I love it!

  • I wonder what your thoughts would be on what was used on these two tracks by the Aussie band Divinyls, Elsie and Heart Telegraph.

  • friends I need your help, I have a jaguar bass from squier (it has a precision pickup and another jazz bass) the situation is that I cannot have that metallic sound as in the intro of this video my bass only sounds like a double bass (like any bass with precision pickup) and with jazz I can only make it sound a little more acute but I can't find that "metallic" sound at some point I thought it was an Overdrive, but not how do you get it?

  • Pretty good ☺️

  • Ultimate goth bass – Garlands, the first album by Cocteau Twins (and much darker than their subsequent material).

  • Woah that’s sick. Thought tones and tails was just Daniel ash and Kevin Haskins project before love and rockets. Nice to learn more about their bass. It gets crazy in songs like twist of theirs

  • Peter Hook called. He said, "Just leave the money on the fridge".

  • Cool.


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