I'm Blue (Da Ba Dee) GOTHIC METAL COVER feat. @Violet Orlandi – [Eiffel 65]

 I'm Blue (Da Ba Dee) GOTHIC METAL COVER feat. @Violet Orlandi  – [Eiffel 65]

Yo listen up, here’s a story. About a Blue Gothic Metal cover we made with @Violet Orlandi Check out Ain’t No Sunshine (But It’s …


Melodicka Bros

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  • Check out Ain't No Sunshine (But It's GOTH) on Violet's channel: https://youtu.be/WEqTS_P3jjM​

  • This is magick hands down. I feel it in my bones . 🧡

  • Amo essa música e essa versão ficou ainda mais perfeita!

  • i love this and i LOVE blue kane

  • musicians just sit round

  • Playing this song while lighting a candle whilst lighting a candle on my altar. Might make this a routine in the evenings.

  • It is not that the original song wasn't a bit melancholic though, come on! U.u Though the purpose was kind of making an upbeat Ellectro EuroPop music, I noticed its arrangements, synths, were somewhat saddened back then. The main catchy tune, used to embase the whole music… It is not that "happy" somehow. The lyrics… Dear gods… Were ambiguous… In talking about a mere color, but… Somehow… Talking about… Blues (the main caracter in the lyrics did live in a sad world). This Gothic Metal version extracted beautifully this specific feeling on that original song and… Made it perfectly. Though the "blue', I do confess it wasn't a surprise, or an unfamiliar thing for me🥰🖤

  • i love the pink song at the end

  • Holy fucking blue💙

  • Muito bom

  • 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵

  • When you're depressed but still gotta have some pumped up jams for the gym.


  • Nice work by the Bros, and Violet that was brilliant! Got to love it when you guys turn out a version of a song way better than the original. You took the ending of that song off the scale. Love your work!!!!

  • Listen in 1.25

  • Blue gabadeel broccoli raab?

  • Not Violet Orlandi agian…
    Why do they keep put her on?

  • Song of my childhood turned into epicness ! 😀

  • The Chorus sounds absolutely amazing. If you took that and just changed the lyrics could be a legit melodic metal song.

  • This should have been the original, Trust me, I was there, it was a nightmare (then was Shuffle but still)

  • Does catch

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