Is Cyber-goth goth? +Goth talk

 Is Cyber-goth goth? +Goth talk

this vid is about my opinion about the topic ,,Cyber goths,,.
Songs: #1(intro): Fields of the Nephilim – Peachers man
#2: 69 Eyes – wasting the dawn
#3: The Cure – Labyrith
#4: Dawn of ashes . Abyss
#5: Psyclon nine – Aneathetic
Special thanks to: Waldraud Brüsseler, Roger Schönen, Kerstin Elster (photographers), Nazu for Uploading


Zeroy Cruciatum

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  • I Personally Like the Way You Speak, I Love Accents.

  • This is the most superficial B^*Shyte !.. Now we're generationally specializing in 'domesticating' Goth? Rip some jeans, paint some Re'al Grafitti on your leather jackets, instead of acting and sounding more 'alternative-lifestyle' .. Which is Grand, enough .. But doesn't really carry the entire message? Does "it"?! "It" is also not artificial-intelligence ☀ Do any of you ever pause to listen to the collective archetype you're creating, within this simple-non-sense? This has absolutely not-a-thing to do with the original expressions of this Important, viable, and yes even glorious .. Self-Sustaining Sub-Culture Ensconced within an UnPerimetered Diversity .. Which continues to Blend newer freedoms in multi-lingual'd spaces .. With it's own literature, not limited to simply cinematography.. from the Nephilim to Ogre to Siouxsie, Bauhaus to London After Midnight, etc .. Who is lining up to be the next Xmal Deutschland, NIN .. to Be the Faith, and LIVE the Muse !!? Please, trash a few hotels, write a Manifesto .. Go to Basic-Training !! You are ALL my brothers/sisters, here ! .. Learn how to "Be Goth !" .. Or take it to your Graves !! ❤ Ya' Zeroy ..︎ from The Original Uncle Salty . .

  • Hater

  • Your English is good enough you don't know how bad English people butcher English.

  • I'm not goth but I knew a couple people in high school who was goth they were cool people

  • people in 2014 cybergoths suck
    people in 2020 cybergoth man pls help give me a big mask
    people in 2030 hey yo man can we join the gang it is really hard surviving this future

  • Wrong please do not put emo with goth never , first off Cyber goth do not copy no emo ,their almost rave type like cyber punk but different both community likes neon bright colors but still wear dark colors they believe in future but cyberpunk go by years back from now they believe in future too my friend is a cyber goth by heart she knows her music and her community , sorry if I said something wrong in my spelling but they are what they are .

  • What I know is that cybergoth do not (mostly) listen to old industrial music from 80s and 90s (EBM and electro-industrial) with more avangarde offshot of original industrial. They embrace trance-evolved versions of electro-industrial (after 2000) called aggrotech (mistaken with dark electro which was subgenre of electro-industrial) and futurepop (in America mistaken with EBM. In Europe we call it futurepop). They also like music from hard dance circles (hard house, hard trance, hardstyle, happy hardcore etc) and follow mostly dark electronic music like psytrance. They are more like gothic ravers than cybergoth. They only want to dance and party with 'oontz, oontz, oontz' rhythms. Cyberpunk is not about glorification of technology. It's about degradation and dystopia. Classic cyberpunk band is Front Line Assembly credited by shaping electro-industrial music. So, cybergoth in reality is fusion between rave and industrial with minimal connection to goths.

  • Cybergoth is goth mixed with cybertron and I am apart of the community

  • So, what is industrial music to you? Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly? YelworC? Wumpscut? Leather Strip? Or only 70s stuff like Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK? Or industrial rock and metal? Because all these bands have industrial roots, even Eisenfunk, Centhron and all modern stuff (even if it is more 'raved' or 'tranced').

  • I love you zeroy 💕

  • yes get hated alot from the cyber scene that's why i stay myself in the cybergoth community

  • Slipknot! yesss!

  • I was a goth back in high School I like the aspects of the gothic culture

  • My name is Jay Fleming and I wants to come

  • Actually he is kinda right but the thing that made me like him is that he didn't tell you to like the video, he respected your opinion about it and that's a rare thing that I don't see in other youtuber

  • You are right

  • thnks for the information …..

  • I enjoy my boot cut jeans, fun geeky t-shirts, leather jackets, boots and respirator. I consider myself Cyber Punk but with a some what casual twist. Light Cyber Punk maybe haha. I always liked the 50's Greaser look and Cyber Punk so I try to mix the two.

  • Confused on how I got here. Someone help me.

  • i saw the slipknot poster and just quit watching it, even if that's one of your favorite bands you don't show these posts in a video about the goth culture. double fail.

  • I'm a native English speaker and you sound fine to me

  • Die Gothic Szene ist einfach tot. Es geht nur noch um Fashion. Das WGT ist einfach nur noch schwarzer Karneval. Ich höre noch die Musik, aber renne nicht mehr so peinlich schwarz zum Bäcker lach. Und provozieren tut man damit auch nicht mehr, die meisten Leute lachen nur darüber. Ich kann diese scheisse was Industrial ist und was nicht auch nicht mehr hören. Den Bands ist es eh total egal wie man das nennt.  PS: Ist schon geil, wenn so ein junger Hüpfer erklären will was Gothic ist.

  • Die Gothic Szene ist einfach tot. Es geht nur noch um Fashion. Das WGT ist einfach nur noch schwarzer Karneval. Ich höre noch die Musik, aber renne nicht mehr so peinlich schwarz zum Bäcker lach. Und provozieren tut man damit auch nicht mehr, die meisten Leute lachen nur darüber. PS: Ist schon geil, wenn so ein junger Hüpfer erklären will was Gothic ist.

  • your English is really good.

  • You're So Handsomeee 😍

  • You said you're "Dutsch" or something. Thats German, maybe you can understand this? In welchen Bundesland wohnst du?

  • I am in my 40s, and I was in the goth scene in the 80s and 90s. I really think you nailed it on the head with were goth started. Great video! Keep the gothic spirit alive.

  • OMG, I thought that you were english! I understand you perfectly, and I'm from Argentina! So don't worry about that, it's pretty good for me c:

  • I believe a person can bring complexity to cyber goths but that comes for the individual not the people

  • Me personally I associate Goth with darkness inside the soul and heart caused by pain or other life altering experiences, with a yearning for more sincerity and more depth than shallowness, with more complex thoughts than simplistic minds, wanting to isolate or set apart from normal people because of not feeling too connected to normal people. This type of mindset supported by Goth related clothes and music. But that is just how I feel about gothic. And that is what I am missing about the vibe of Cyber. A lot of Cyber Goths remind me too much of the late 90s rave scene and street parades. Not so much of substance. More of hard partying.

  • I kind of agree with you. also, you're English is really good so you don't have to apologize for it…!

  • goth talk, snl Azrael

  • omg I was like: please be dutch please be dutch and yessssss dankjeee

  • i agree with this video… i like industrial music but theyre not Goth …. nowadays both music genres share the same club/building but the majority of attendants are dancing in the industrial room while the Goth room which is always the smallest, has less people… kinda sad how most modern "Goths" are actually cyberkids or just people that think is they are Goth because they wear a lot of black and dark accessories

  • hey its kewl

  • The thing I noticed about cyber goths is when they use a neon color. They stick with that one neon color throughout. If they would mix the neon colors like green & purple with black for example. I am a fan of contrasting colors and not to stick with one color throughout the wardrobe. I am more of Steampunk & if I was into Goth. Victorian Goth would be the style I would most lean to.

  • You are gorgeous !

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