Japanese Goth & Post Punk

This video is a super basic introduction to some of my favourite Japanese goth bands! It is by no means comprehensive – just a sampler so that you guys can get a feel for what some of their biggest bands sound like! Youtube has a ton of old and obscure Japanese stuff, so I suggest searching around if you like what you hear.

My Japanese Gothic Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnHvF4k1fqlkTd2GSUkSr17q6_51XmTFg
Japanese Goth & New Wave Mix: https://youtu.be/3chbIFKu6wo

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☥ Music Credits ☥
PublicPool – Scary, Scary Strawberries (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49ZNZ-BC2ek)
Darren Curtis – Freedom in Isolation
Madame Edwarda – Lorelei
Auto-Mod – Friend
G-Schmitt – Belladonna
Phaidia – In the Dark


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  1. I'm impressed by your research on 1980's music in an eastern country. I hope you keep digging it. Just a very minor comment from me is that "G" of G-Schmitt used to be (and still is) pronounced as "G" in the German alphabet. One of the popular bands that had two drummers is "Adam & The Ants", but you may not think that it is a Goth band.

  2. Japan does have it’s own amazing goth subculture along with other dark alternative and alternative scenes /subcultures! Also , all their rock and metal bands are amazing! Same goes for pop music

  3. Madame Edwarda just performed a live on September 13th that is available for paid viewing online.
    The Twitcasting platform allows the use of non-Japanese credit cards (which is not always guaranteed from Japanese websites that often require a physical address connected with it) so support them if you can!

    Here's the setlist for that show:

    1. Lorelei
    2. Sacrifice
    3. Melancholia
    4. Lumiere
    5. Arabian Nights
    6. Weird Messiah
    7. Macbeth
    8. Andalusia no inu
    9. GODS ~Garden of Delights~

  4. Hey Rose I am a new subscriber, I have recently discovered your channel and love your content. Especially about being black and alternative, goth, emo/scene ect. Anyways I am going on a binge here of your other videos and they are very insightful and have such a refreshing point of view in a much creative authentic way. It's very original keep up the great work and I wish you nothing but success. ❤️❤️
    I'm definitely going to check out these bands I've been looking for some cool new music to listen to so thanks for that as well. ♥️♥️

  5. I did a project for my Japanese class about goth in Japan vs in the US/Europe last spring and I wish I would have found this! I do speak Japanese (not fluently) so I was able to search in Japanese, but I still didn't find much! But it was still fun, and I am a huge Madame Edwarda now!

  6. what a fun video! I'm excited to listen to the playlist you put together. I love post punk and while I know some Japanese groups I didn't recognize any you mentioned! You might like Non Band (their self-titled album is on bandcamp for easy access!) even though they're more no wave than post punk.

  7. Thank you! I've heard these bands before (YEARS ago) and was struggling to remember their bloody names! I was watching the Abroad In Japan channel where Chris (host) was spending time with Hyde, the apparent rock-god of Japan, and I was like, "This is…emo, with killer aesthetic and amazing videos". It's not, however, my cup of sake, and I remembered those Japanese goth/deathrock bands I'd heard so long ago and how much I loved them! So, in short (too late for that), thank you for refreshing my memory at the exact time I needed it! You get a sub for that!

  8. You’re so honest about your biases but you really are good & knowledgeable about what you speak on. I’ve learned so much about goth culture in the past month from your youtube! Keep on!<3

  9. Yes, visual kei is not the same as goth, but the reason why I like visual kei is that a lot of bands play music that cross genre boundaries. You could have a heavy metal band with a ton of gothic rock vibes, an alternative rock band with industrial electronic sounds that also plays guitar solos, etc. I don't understand why people see this as a bad thing. This is the kind of stuff that makes music interesting.

  10. I feel Japan in general is greatly over looked when it comes to alternative music scenes in general. While I know next to nothing about Japanese goth music (which is why I'm watching this video), but their punk scene is amazing. It's finally getting some respect in the the West, but there's so many good bands. Phaidia is tight.

  11. This was a really neat and throuough introduction. Japanese Post-punk is some of the most interesting music I have encountered. Let's hope more gems from the 80s get discovered and released on here from here on.

  12. My husband has been getting a lot of Japanese post punk recommended to him on Spotify lately, so he of course showed me. Man is it good. Can't wait to watch this video.

  13. I’m surprised you didn’t mention The Zolge considering how much they were influenced by Lords of the New Church. You should also check out The Execute’s The Antagonistic Shadow it’s their only goth album, but it’s so good. I also love some of Buck Tick’s earlier stuff which I would debate is goth in terms of sound. 🙂

  14. there's also the projects of lucifer luscious violenoue, especially fiction. they had many links and aesthetics of the vkei scene, but their sound is very deathrockish, they also adored and covered Bauhaus

  15. LOVE this video. I can confirm the laws in Tokyo are strict, since I used to live in Japan.

    Also yes, people really think liking VK and EGA means you also wouldn’t know real goth music. I’m not sure what has caused this sort of negativity? But unfortunately in the past I’ve seen some Western goths be really aggressive towards any sort of Japanese music that is more “darkly inclined” like BUCK TICK and Malice Mizer (especially post-Gackt era).

  16. Ah I'm so happy you made this video! I've long been a fan of Phaidia but I never knew they had two drummers! Have you ever listened to Sex Android, a band Gilly and Sexy Rose Harry of Phaidia were in? Their album 'Planet Venus' is so haunting and fun, especially the track 'Sister Guy'!
    I was so excited to see you talk about Madame Edwarda, Auto Mod, and G-Schmitt! They're some of my favorite bands and I feel like so many people neglect the amazing Japanese goth music scene when talking about Japanese alt music/culture, or confuse visual kei with goth music (though there is significant overlap in some bands, such as Gilles de Rais or Buck-Tick), so it made me super happy to see you acknowledge them!!! If you ever do another video, you should definitely talk about Der Zibet, The Willard, Speed-ID or Buck-Tick, I'd love to hear what you think of them!!!!

    In terms of permanent goth spaces in Japan, I can't think of any permanent nightclubs but there are several goth bars and livehouses in Osaka (I'm not super familiar with Tokyo so I can't speak for that city). Off the top of my head, there's around three goth bars in Shinsaibashi alone, and also a livehouse that regularly books goth and alternative acts. There are also several bi-annual and annual larger gothic events held in Osaka that attract larger crowds.

    (Sorry for the long message lol I'm just super excited about these bands haha)

    Great video, thanks for taking the time to make and upload it!!!!!!!

  17. I didn't know that Phaidia had two drummers, that's pretty interesting to learn haha. But yeah, it's nice to see actual Japanese Goth bands get more recognition after the total misconception that Visual Kei is Japanese Goth music when it isn't and never was. Madame Edwarda and G-Schmitt were some of the earliest examples I heard that made me go "What have I been missing??" (Plus Kokushoku Elegy haha). Any who I'm not surprised that some would think that based on first impression, you wouldn't know Goth because of the Gothic Lolita thing. It's unfortunate but like I said in one of your older videos, it just means that you can pull a "Hah, GOT YA" moment when you show that you do know what actual Goth music is haha. But I think the reason why this pre-judgment can happen is because of how so many Gothic Lolitas sometimes call themselves Goth and then when they list off their music, they don't mention any Goth music at all and it's usually all Visual Kei, that's certainly been my experience when I've run into some self-proclaimed Gothic Lolitas and "J-Goths" but again, it just means that the joke is on them when they meet you. 🙂
    Anyway good video!

  18. Visual Kei is an aesthetic (visual) movement just as its name suggests, it's not really a musical movement because Visual Kei artists play a wide range of different music genres. It borrowed the aesthetic from a lot of fashion associated with different music genres like glam rock but it doesn't have a specific sound to it. I don't know why people on the West keeps saying it's a music genre when it's not. I know it might be misinformation but it's kind of a pet peeve of mine at this point it's kinda annoying, haha.

    Love the video 🖤

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