Killing Joke – Love Like Blood (Official Video)

 Killing Joke – Love Like Blood (Official Video)

Official video of Killing Joke performing Love Like Blood from the album No Way Out But Forward Go. Buy It Here: …



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  • Saw them when I was a student in Edinburgh. One of the most memorable shows!

  • 2022 and still loving this classic…KJ forever underrated

  • Thank you.
    This gave me a look into their catalogue.

  • The guitarist looks so in love with himself Haha

  • HAPPY 1 MAY TODAY!!!!!!!

  • Me lembro da Vinheta da Radio Fluminense , quando tocava essa Musica anunciando a sua Estação que era 94,9 ! E falava assim : Uma só sacada de música boa ,.somente aqui na Radio Rock , 94,9! Nostalgia pura!

  • Dr. Feelgood?

  • Why this one was popular in 80s generation I've got no idea I've listened some of 80s songs which are lot better than this one… My opinion it's overrated 👎

  • 2022 Still a masterpiece !!!

  • The drummer, a fucking talented musician and model.👌

  • What happens? Do talented musicians are handsome moreover? people with star, many times a curse but…Excuse my English.

  • Jaz "Mad Man" Coleman 😂

  • Wow no idea why this song came up for me. I'm like maybe I'll regret it if I don't atleast give a listen. Now I'm blasting it on my headphones. New song to jam at work for sure.

  • Classic song very good band

  • This song goes 1000 times harder than anything out there today.

  • It's taken me 37 years to realize the worker/soldier only says 1 word – HARRRR, or something along those lines.

  • "Everyday through all frustration and despair/Love and hate fight with burning hearts/'Til legends live and man is god again (and self preservation rules the day no more)/We must dream of promised lands and fields/That never fade in season."

  • 🖤🖤🖤

  • The Ukraine should go in to battle with this

  • One of the best tracks ever

  • What a badass song. I never get tired of listening to this.

  • Yo soy de Valencia y no se pero sabreis que finales de los 80 y principios de los 90 Valencia estana a la cabeza o marcaba lo que bailaban en discos de toda Europa.
    Y luego pusieron el maldito nombre de ""ruta del bacalao "'.

  • Wtf 11

  • Whatever people say it's a timless title..

  • Masterpiece.
    That's all I have.

  • music had no time, this song is eternal !

  • And their still going playing gigs as of 2022

  • Most important band of the 20th century.

  • The bass is so good in this.

  • i like watching the drummer he's mesmerizing

  • Proper 80's.

  • saw these guys live yesterday, when this song started the all arena blew up. I was destroyed after the concert

  • Killing Joke, was this shot on film? If so it would be awesome if you could do a 4K scan!

  • 1:43 "Collections of Mao Zedong"

  • Three times I went to see them. They never showed up. There wasn't a fourth time. Fuck em.

  • Saw Killing Joke live just this week, they opened with this banger. It’s one of those songs I can just never get tired of.

  • Jaz Coleman, leader et chanteur de Killing Joke, est une âme torturée. Il affirme souffrir de crises de panique constantes et avoir environ trois heures de sommeil chaque nuit. En avance sur notre époque, Coleman et son groupe s'intéressent à l'occultisme et soutiennent diverses théories du complot allant jusqu’à déménager en Islande en 1982, en prétendant que l'apocalypse était imminente et qu'ils y seraient en sécurité.

    Rajoutons à ça un leader qui saborde systématiquement la promotion de leurs disques, qui rejette le succès commercial et vous avez un groupe culte… Où au contraire un groupe qui restera à tout jamais inconnu.

    Le groupe aurait probablement vécu la deuxième option si, en 1985, n’était pas sorti Love Like Blood, le seul succès commercial du groupe. Sans soutien promotionnel de la part de Coleman, la chanson se classe 24ème dans les charts en Allemagne, 5ème en Hollande et 6ème Royaume-Unis.

    Le plus grand fan de Killing Joke restera Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) qui, sur l’album éponyme de 2003, jouera gratuitement de la batterie. Respect !

  • Awesome song but I saw them 10 years ago in LA and he didn't play this or Eighties, way to say FU to your paying fans by not playing either of your hits!

  • Killing Joke, every track is killer. That line up of Geordie, Youth, Jaz & Raven, absolute alchemy. They've still got it, even though Raven is no longer here, fantastic band, which more people need to listen to, instead of chart pop crap. KJ actually have something to say, instead of inanities over a pre recorded pop backing.

  • At 0:35, is that John Hannah sharing a split screen with Jaz? He's also having a victory shout at 0:49

  • Now in 2020 I wish bands like Killing Joke would tour. I’m 54 & just rediscovering this band again. Man this rocks🎶🤘👊

  • Listen to new meshuggah as well!

  • Paul raven was a genius on the bass!

  • still one of the best goth songs that came out in the 80's.

  • I love this song.The way they play the instruments is awesome.

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