Latest Dark & Gothic Music Videos (October 2017): Darkwave · Underground · Gothic Rock

 Latest Dark & Gothic Music Videos (October 2017): Darkwave · Underground · Gothic Rock

Latest Dark & Gothic Music Videos (2017)

Gothic Rock · Post-Punk · Darkwave · Dark Synth · Coldwave · Gothgaze · Minimal Wave · Synthpop · Underground Music

Actors, The Frozen Autumn, Principe Valiente, Paradox Obscur, This Grey City, Doldrums, Sextile, Then Comes Silence, Double Echo, Delagoon, Tearful Moon, INVSN, How Green Is My Toupee, Belgrado, George Ergemlidze, Fimbria, The Living Paradox, Odonis Odonis, The Last Days of Jesus, Ashton Nyte, Somos la herencia, MGMT, Ritual Howls, New Today, Doggerland, Deleted Sin, Mind Flesh, Sleep Forever, Tango Mangalor,

October 2017



Gothic Bop Music: Postpunk-Synth-Electronic-Indie

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  • Actors track is a pure gem.

  • Very awesome list. Great video. 🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤

  • Extraño esta musica 💖💜💚💛💟
    En México ya casi no hay discotecas " dark" alternativo
    Donde toquen postpunk , dark w ave etc..

  • I like short songs

  • you not goth. you jewdden. you dont have goth dna. you ugly.

  • I'm doing playlists by musical style so I would love it to be precised for every song, I'm lost between cold wave, dark wave, synth pop etc…

  • I hope to see more videos from you.

  • wtf MGMT is more like indie lol…this is all not really goth tho but ok

  • The gangster goth band prayers does this style, the first band playing its not my cup of tea

  • reminds me of that Latino gangster artist that try to be goth on the first song

  • MGMT Trying to hard to give a I'm weird look and bad impression of The Cure. Frozen Autumn very bad Depeche Mode wannabes and looks like Flock of sea Gulls did their hair.Gave up with it after 5 mins. Think I'll stick to Sisters of Mercy, Mission, Fields Of Nephilim etc…..

  • Little dark age got me into MGMT and Although the band isn't really goth, LDA is definitely in the style of goth. ( Even if they rest of their music isn't) great band regardless. If you like little dark age, maybe check out MGMTs "when you die." If you're into 80s synth and stuff with some dark undertones (almost darkwave but not really), check out MGMTs "one thing left to try" "TSLAMP" "she works out too much" and if you like big 80s pop, " me and Michael" also

  • The Frozen Autum and sextile 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Thank you i love this

  • ☆☆☆☆☆☆

  • Sleep Forever is pretty a baller band name. I actually liked some of this.

  • ok my fellow Darkwave comrades/compatriots… it's time for us to unite and dominate this scene with our excellent taste in goth music! yes, that sounded elitist …BUT it's not exclusionary . i honor our sisters and brethren in the cybergoth, pastelgoth, and other scenes, however i am perfectly at a loss as to why our delicious music & bands don't get anywhere near the views/listens as the Industrial Danz darlings… idk where else is the best place to find you all in your purest, unfractionated form; those who also wrap themselves cozily in the cold embrace of such bands as Clan of Xymox, The Frozen Autumn, Eminence of Darkness, She Past Away, and sooooo many classic goth, post-punk, coldwave, synthpop, and obscure new wave groups

    we KNOW & live happily inside of our roots …no matter our appearance we are unable to exist inside of a fad or a 'phase', because the incredibly high caliber of our timeless music forbids it at a vibratory level. it always reaffirms our own ethereal timelessness

    aside from attending the shows when we're able, are we otherwise simply destined to exist inside of our own 'flesh mannequins' as we quite literally vampirize every. last. drop of yummy emotion produced by our bands?

  • Thanks for the upload, some great tunes and bands to look up.

  • The first time I watched this video, I was surprised that MGMT were in here. I can't believe they're Goths now. Yet again, this video is really good, lots of varieties of different Gothic bands. I fell in love immediately with the song Somehow by Delagoon. They're definitely one of my newest favorite Goth bands. I love the whole video but, that band/song is amazingly awesome. I love all of your videos. Can't wait for more. Keep up the great work.

  • Ashton Nyte – still pushing out those cover versions

  • can't believe mgmt went full goth

  • I don't know what I'd do without You? You take all the work out of it for me…well almost…lol!!! Love your channel…..thanx!!!

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