Let There Be Darkness Is Spreading Its Musical Aura through the Latest Track ‘Like A Vampire’


Make some way for the up-and-coming Los Angeles based music band Let There Be Darkness as it has come up with its latest goth rock representation ‘Like a Vampire’.

Featuring a dark and intriguing essence of gothic rock music, Let There Be Darkness has come up with its latest release Like a Vampire. Filled with religious symbolism and dark concepts, the band churns out the flavors of Goth rock music in a contemporary way. I like the musical arrangement that provides me a blended taste of rock and industrial electronic music. Upbeat and dicey, the track offers me some major grooves while the subject matter intrigues me even more. I am amazed by the lyricism which is so grim and dark yet sounds quite exciting for all kinds of listeners. A perfect balance of poignancy and confidence puts a deep impact on the listeners.

Let There Be Darkness

Following the route of success, this Los Angeles based music band is keeping its name out there with its musical creativity and brilliant concepts the shatter all the stereotypical norms. Other releases like, ‘Endless Rain’, ‘Demon To Some’, ‘Myself Decay’, ‘Suffer The Moment’, etc also provide a similar dark perspective like the latest release ‘Like a Vampire’. Vocalist, songwriter, and the main man of this band, Charles Richburg is planning to drop more singles and albums in the coming days with his band. Follow Let There Be Darkness on SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all the major platforms to know more.

Please visit here to listen to the songs of Let There Be Darkness:



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