Lords of Iron (Celtic metal)

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  1. My blood burns with Celtic Pride upon hearing this masterpiece, and such Pride shall never grow old!

    Long live the 6 Celtic Nations! | Cymraeg: Boed i'r 6 Gwlad Geltaidd fyw am byth! | Gaeilge: Go maire na 6 Náisiún Ceilteacha go deo! | Gàidhlig: Gu ma fada beò na 6 Dùthchannan Ceilteach gu bràth!

  2. "The Romans fielded an army nine times higher than the Celts in numbers. Pressed against the river, the last fighting Celtic family perished. They stood in a semicircle, behind them a young woman breastfeeding a tiny girl and singing. The young mother sang a bright, not sad song, so that fear and sorrow would not inhabit the girl's soul, so that there would be bright images with her…"
    Anastasia "Ringing Cedars of Russia"

  3. “When they claimed that the greatest ruler of our land would return when the need was dire… I far from expected A VIBE CHECK FROM A CRAZY BLIND SCOTSWOMAN RIDING ATOP A GARGANTUAN, RED FIRE BREATHING DRAGON!” – An original quote that’s going to be in the story I’m writing-

  4. Hail to us scottish the same as Irish just more brute alba gu brath my clan mackinnon was 1 of the first 7 clans under king Alpin my last name is McKinney or in ancient gael Maccionnaodha meaning son of the god of fire n prince of death