Lost Loved Ones – Outcast (1985) Post Punk, Gothic Rock – UK

 Lost Loved Ones – Outcast (1985) Post Punk, Gothic Rock – UK

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  • Ufff Estas bandas Britanicas 🇬🇧🎸👊 son una belleza

  • got the album saw them at retford porterhouse

  • 'Raise the Flag' was one of the first post-punk songs I ever discovered, back when I was 15 and YouTube was just starting out. It blew me away, and I love this album, but it seems to have completely slipped through the cracks of time. There is never mention of the band in post-punk/goth literature, and they never show up on compilations – does anyone know the story with them? Such a shame as they were clearly very talented – Terry had a great vocal range – and must had some momentum to be invited onto The Tube in the first place!

  • Its criminal that this is not on cd . Classic album.

  • Thank you very much for putting this album up. I have many memories of this band. I saw them at The Marquee Club and The Rock Garden in 1983. A few times at both venues. I spoke to the lead guitarist once. He was pleasant enough. I was at the gig at the Marquee in summer 1983 when the gig had to be cut short because the original drummer was ill. Appendicitis apparantly. Then it all went quiet. Then in 1985. They came back. With a new drummer. The guy who had been the roadie in 1983. Then the bass player/lead singer switched to guitar and they brought a fourth member to play the bass. I remember a fantastic crazy gig at the 100 Club. My ears were ringing. Interesting the opening track was originally called Crisis Point. This was the song they played on their only TV appearance. Oxford Road Show in, I think, 1983? Presented by Peter Powell. Who really championed this band. In 1983 Lots of people thought the Lost Loved Ones would really be the next big thing. The music papers, Peter Powell etc. I had th pleasure of meeting the lead singer at a gig at The Marquee. Cant remember who I was seeing. He was playing Space Invaders. We had a chat. He was really nice. I once saw the whole band on the concourse of Charing Cross Station in summer 1983. I was too shy to approach them. In my copy of that days Sun newspaper, the Bizarre column name checked The Lost Loved Ones saying they reckoned they would be the next big thing. The beautiful closing track "Freakshow" used to be played very fast at gigs. If I had spoken to the band at Charing Cross I would have said I was going to come and see their gig at the Marquee in a few days. Actually that gig got cancelled. To be replaced by Metallica. That bands first London show. By the time this album was released the band had split up. The album had been recorded three times. First produced by Nigel Gray. Then Ian Broudie. Then The Lost Loved Ones themselves. I still love this album so much. Takes me back to my younger days. Good times. Thank you to The Lost Loved Ones. So many memories.

  • Uffff después de 34 años escucho otra ves a esta súper banda, injustamente olvidada.

  • very greatful for this channels existance

  • nice one. i only have "the dark" single on vinyl, and it was nice to hear their full length effort

  • spot on 🎯

  • Awesome!

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