Lowlife – Rain (1985) Gothic Rock, Dream Pop – UK, Scotland

Rain (1985) Genre: Gothic Rock, Dreampop http://www.indepthmusic.blogspot.com …


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  1. These more obscure records are great, it's like looking at the genesis of music that was to follow such as the Pixies and Nirvana. I'm not saying that Pixies/Nirvana were directly influenced by this album, I mean that the alternative musical landscape in the mid 80's led to music in the early 90's. Albums like this are like alternative music history lessons!

  2. Been in Goth all my life and is the most beautiful music ever. Specially all the goth from 80s and 90's. Also when I was in high school met the most beautiful Victorian gothic girl ever. She was beautiful Just didn't know at the time should of married her damn.

  3. Never was able to find this in record stores when I was a crazy Lowlife obsessed goth in my 20's in Boston Massachusetts, back in the 1990's. So funny to hear it now that I'm almost 50. I got into them from Diminuendo which blew me away and is still my favorite. Also like the one with the EAster Island statues all over it, Godhead? Some good tracks on that one. Then I bought the one with Big Fat Funky Whale, which came out sometime around 91…San Antorium, and really loved it. Then, I could never find anything else by them since. Really pleased that YouTUbe has allowed me to rediscover their earlier tracks. Good Gothic rock, from a group of Scottish guys, including bassist Will Heggie, who started out with the Cocteau Twins, another all time favourite band of mine. You can hear the similarities. Long live Lowlife!

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