Mankinds Audio Development – Sunfeast (1984) Post Punk, EBM – UK

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Mankinds Audio Development – Sunfeast (1984)

00:00 Sunfeast
03:49 Craving

Genres: Post Punk, EBM
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Criminal Damage Records

#postpunk #ebm #unitedkingdom

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  • Such a great time in history to post this

  • These are again two such songs that appeal to you immediately.
    I mean, nothing is designed too extreme or boring here, but kept in such a balance that it sounds really good… excellently done!

  • best band name ever!!!

  • Mutual assured destruction

  • Thanks, great post!

  • Despite the obvious danger of venturing beyond this section of the city, there was no question life was simply moving through the moves for him, given what had transpired yesterday.

  • oh man! this is the bEST!!!!! thank you!

  • Cool!😎

  • 当時日本の輸入盤屋でNEW ORDERとPLAY DEADのメンバーによるプロジェクトらしいと紹介され結構売れた。発売後ひと月もしたら中古盤がそこらに溢れていて自分は100円位で購入、一聴して売り払った記憶がある。いま聴き直してもやっぱつまんねーけど懐かしいな。

  • The Legacy of Play Dead…'s a shame they never reunion. Thanks always for great upload.

  • So good!

  • This was a side project of the singer and bassist from legendary goth band Play Dead.

  • 👍🖤🎶❤️👍

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