Morbidi I Mnoći – Put ( Video Spot 1987, Yugoslav Goth Rock/Darkwave/Coldwave )

Someone removed channel where was this rare video, so I put this one again. amazing Yugoslavia Goth Rock similar to early-mid 80’s Sisters Of Mercy in music and voice.



  • this is the most beautiful thing ive ever heard

  • Im not yugoslav so this is just a guess but does the sign the drummer is wearing read “rhythm machine”?

  • Мир вам братья славяне! Как американцы и англо – саксы не хотят нас уничтожить, ничего у них не получится! Мы победим! Славяне сила и братство!
    Америка должна исчезнуть!

  • I hear you calling Mariane but still magnificent 🙂

  • I don't know how, but for me, this kind of music, this song, is great to listen to while studying.

  • Rammstein owe a lot to this scene. Bands like Laibach invented styles like martial industrial, or propaganda techno or whatever it's called. Yes Yugoslavia was great with these kind of bands.

  • What does the sign by the drummer say in english?

  • It is really interesting to know gothic from the other countries….Really nice this one!!

  • Tremendous ! thanks for the up!

  • I feel this so hard in 2022! You all kick ass.


  • More goth than goth

  • Cuando sientes que todos esos pensamientos
    Te molestan
    Y no buscas la manera de sacarlos de.tu cabeza
    Solo ven conmigo y te diré la manera para poder lidiar con esas molestias
    Estoy sufriendo
    Me muero lentamente
    Si no hago nada para aliviar
    Tomaré la decisión de matarme
    Cuando sientes que esos pensamientos que rodean tu mente
    No cesan y todo este infierno arde alrededor
    Ven conmigo y te diré la manera correcta para poder lidiar con ese problema
    Que día tras día te molesta
    No sufras mas
    No te vayas antes de que vengas conmigo
    A decirme reza por mi y por todos
    No somos perfectos pero hacemos lo necesario para que esté bien
    No soy perfecto ni soy el mejor
    Pero te diré que solo hay que saber que lidiar con ello

  • Always an awesome tune

  • it gives me some gothic dracula castle vibes

  • It's Morbidi time!

  • i live in Ukraine and listen this

  • Great voice!!!🖤

  • 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🌙

  • Makes my cold, aloof heart more cold and aloof.

  • Is this on Spotify?

  • I'm Brazilian and I love this sound!!❤

  • Couldn’t not click on this

  • This song is incredible. That voice is very powerful.

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