Music for Goths (Dark Wave, Post-Punk, Cold Wave…) Compilation

Dark Wave – Post-Punk – Cold Wave – Minimal Wave – Synth-Pop – New Wave – Indie – Shoegaze – Ethereal Wave – Gothic Rock – Minimal Synth – Synth Wave I …


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  1. 00:00 Drab Majesty – Cold Souls

    05:24 She Past Away – Sonbahar

    09:32 TWINS – Stuck

    13:10 Skeleton Hands – Oxygen

    19:02 Lebanon Hanover – Du Scrollst

    22:06 The Soft Moon – Wasting

    27:34 The Frozen Autumn – Is Everything Real

    34:34 Tropic Of Cancer – More Alone

    38:18 Sally Dige – It's You I'm Thinking Of

    42:23 Pleasure Symbols – Image Reflected

    46:55 SCHONWALD – rays

    50:48 Figure Study – Interaction

    54:58 Buzz Kull – Dreams

    59:08 YusYus – Just a Dream

    01:03:55 Dolina – Sorrow

    01:08:19 Deus Faust – Moonbathing

    01:12:05 La Scaltra – Sonar Dance

    01:17:48 Kælan Mikla – Orad

    01:23:02 Tearful Moon – Anxiety

    01:27:07 Double Echo – Felix & Tantrum

  2. I'm a huge fan of real hip hop and real r&b from back in da dayz since day one. But i gotta admit goth music is another world no doubt, and i'm black plus a crip gang member. Love to ma goth ppl. 🖖🏾💙

  3. Good God this is such a stellar mix!!! And to start off with Drab Majesty!!!! Hell yes! Cold Souls is so relaxing and aspects of this song in particular remind me of old Starflyer 59 and Dark Synthpop meets Shoegaze. LOL As a 40 yr old Goth Punk this is the perfect Dark Wave Playlist!!!

  4. I'm not a Goth, I'm a pagan and into Celtic / Viking / Nordic music. But I love this! Call me dumb, but I always imagined Goths listening to something like church organ music and all dark and eerie stuff. This music is great, I'm 41 years old and just discovered what you Goths listen to hehe. It's cool.

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