My Favourite Goth Bands

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  1. Wow, your taste is definitely eclectic. Was good to see some of the old stuff, and plenty I have never heard of. My current favorite goth bands are Sonsombre, Kentucky Vampires, Guillotine Dream, and She Past Away.

  2. Great video and great choices. I like all the bands mentioned. Just missed Cocteau Twins, The Creatures, Love is Colder Than Death, Death in June, Love Spirals Downwards, Autumn's Grey Solace, Dargaard, WeltenBrand, Xmal Deutschland or Nox Arcana … but it's ok.

  3. LOL I saw that one of the songs that was uploaded to YouTube from my old band stare had more hits than the others and someone mentioned they were here because of your channel, and I was like cool, wonder what that is? I'm scrolling down and saw my album cover on the thumbnail and about crapped myself, lol. Thanks for including us (and another band I helped start, Gossamer) on this playlist. Happy to know that our stuff reached a few people. I released one more album with a different band called "Faded Sympathy" in 2007?2008? It was a hectic time, lol. A band I didn't see in here that I personally love (and I knew so many of the bands in here already, great taste in music!) is Autumn – they were on Tess Records back in the 90s with This Ascension and Trance To the Sun and Faith and the Muse. That's probably my favorite label from back in the day! I of course loved stuff on Projekt, Cleopatra, and also Bedazzled (They had some great bands like Siddal and also Monica Richards' first band, Strange Boutique, and a couple of more shoegaze bands, The Curtain Society and An April March). Anyway, I've rambled on long enough lol. Just wanted to say thanks, and keep on being awesome!

  4. Came to see if you had anything i hadnt heard and found two new bands to get hold of! Thankyou. Im particularly impressed by your inclusion of Fields of Nephilim who are my all time favourite band. Last exit for the lost is incredible songwriting.that sends shivers down my spine. Love it. I noticed you dont seem to include Type O negative at any point. If you have heard of them but dont like what youve heard can i suggest just one of theyre albums that is completely seperate from theyre usual sound. October rust is probably one of the most hauntingly melodic goth rock albums in my collection & i urge anyone to give it a listen.

  5. Interesting list.  Although DCD's original recording of "Severance" is my favorite, I have to say that Bauhaus did a very impressive cover.  Including Depeche Mode is an interesting choice as well.  As much as I've enjoyed Black Celebration and on, I've personally never considered them to be Goth.  That's just my opinion, though…

  6. I'm familiar with a good chunk of these bands and have been a fan of them for years bit the majority aren't 'goth'. The project releases were more directly representative of that scene or movement. But Dead Can of mercy were NOT.

  7. Great to see a lot of old skool goth rock on your list. Can I recommend 'The Nephilim' – Fields of The Nephilim, 'First And Last And Always – Sisters of Mercy, 'An Irony of Fate ' – Love Like Blood, 'Buried in Rain' – Opened Paradise and 'Waking the Dead' by NFD.

  8. Have you tried Lacrimosa? They're quite big in the Latinx goth scenes and I think you may like at least their stuff from the 90s and early 00s, especially because from 1996 onwards they incorporated a lot of classical elements, and Tilo Wolff simply is/was an incredible composer and lyricist (their later stuff is more "eh" at least to me). His voice might turn you off a little bit though, it happens to some people because he can sound very weird and it took me a while to get used to it, but in the album Inferno (imo their best album) he sounds amazing. Other great albums by them are Satura and Elodia.

    Anyway, it's nice to see I'm not the only goth who loves the goth phase of The 69 Eyes! I always feel a bit subconscious when I mention them lol. I was also trying really, really hard to remember the name of the band Elusive because I used to listen to them and I wanted to again, so thank you so much for giving me the name!

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