MY SECRET ISLAND – EVIL FIRE | hot german gothic rock music. Incl. sexy girls and a drunken devil

A mischievous and spirited tale of erotic play and gothic lust.What could be more Goth than a castle? Filming at the fantastic “Schloss Püchau” near Leipzig, Germany provided a ready-made realistic Gothic background. Add the devil, wine, and mix well and you get a trashy erotic trip into the dark arts. Some may think the video a little cheesy or even offensive, but it’s just a bit of fun and great rock, mastering an oddly sexy vibe.

“Evil Fire” it´s a song from our selftitled album.
Available in all good download stores worldwide!

Produced and Directed by Annie Bertram –
Edited by Danny Zober –
Technical & Light Assistant: Jan Herzig
Special Make up Artist:
Anja Kühn for La Visagerie –

Jenny Haufe “Apple Doll”, a girl from “Blutengel”
music video “Reich mir die Hand”.
& Jey –


Review excerpt:
Just as before Mark is sounding a lot like Geddy Lee of Rush (just inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame) but the overall vibe is completely different.The content in the video displays elements of erotica along with dark ‘n’ sexy seductiveness at its finest. The viewer will witness Van Merm portrayed as a devil of sorts and his temptress starts off in a nun outfit and then let’s just say gets real comfortable. There are also some pretty weird images of the drummer on top of a fake donkey—no idea on this one! After hearing all of this you’re probably thinking to yourself ‘Oh my god this sounds so hellacious and so bad’, but I’m here to tell you that could be farthest from the truth. One may think that this video is of poor taste or highly offensive especially for those with deep religious roots but I’m here to tell you that you should try to look past that. Reason being is because Mark Van Merm & company are performers acting out their parts in a fictitious setting just like in Hollywood. If you look at it from that angle then it just may allow your mind to become more open & realistic. My Secret Island may be playing with fire but all to the tune of one catchy and surprisingly upbeat tone. The song itself definitely draws you in with its rock riffs, impressive guitar licks and then throw in some powerful drumming to make up one blazing inferno of hot sound!
This new single rocks but I’d like to add that the adult-oriented video is not meant for kids. However, from an adult perspective I give a TON of credit to My Secret Island’s mad originality and artistry. By J. Rae

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    Sun: "Hotter"
    Sugar: "Sweeter"
    Joonie: "Cooler"
    Yoongi: "Butter"

    Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendentes

  • GREAT!

  • Hey, nice vid! I'm sure you will like my vid, so check it out and leave a comment! Wish you a great day! Cheers, CDJ

  • das ist ja echt scharf. irgendwie trash aber geil.

  • Man,! That chick on the drums makes me feel all funny inside.

  • wow, this video is so sexy! great tune with super sexy nun, who knew?! so far my favorite piece by you guys! I will be looking out for more…

  • SweetJzs! You guys ROCK!!! … it feels good to be bad lol

  • Total COOL !

  • Sexy gothic rock'n'roll – its something new)))
    never heard it before.
    its made my day 😆
    Added to my fav

  • leider nicht so mein geschmack, weder die mucke noch das video, da habt ihr schon besseres gemacht…

  • LOVE IT!  Sexy chicks + Great music = BLOWN AWAY!

  • Questo è vero rock! La componente ironica, le ragazze e il groove coinvolgente ricordano i Motley Crue dei tempi d'oro, ogni tanto è un piacere beccare qualcuno in grado di ripercorrere i passi del rock classico con così tanta interpretazione e passione!

  • Yes! I like this!

  • Really good, the setting was the perfect to the song!!! Great job guys!

  • It started up way too fast! i like songs that have a build up, but this just straight away got into it!

  • Very catchy song and an awesomely campy video to match! Keeping my eyes on you guys.

  • This looks and sounds like a complete blast. I really like the energy here. Homage to the old and detour to the new, this is a fun little video.

  • I love the beat to this one. It is very catchy! I am not sure how to feel about the gal doing "things" to that horse's butt though hahah Mixed goth with Catholic religion. A surprising good combo. Well done. 

  • I just discovered you guys on Youtube, this is sooo catchy, I can't get it out of my head! Keep up the fresh, unique style. I love your fire babe! 🙂

  • Love, love love this band!! They are so hot! Do they ever tour in the US? 

  • Ich macht wirklich gute Musik. Die Szenen mit dem Esel finde ich witzig.

  • WOW richteg geil die Guitar sound am ufank. Weiblechen Drummer wow einfach nemen geil. Weider esou^^

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