My Top 10 Goth Bands

 My Top 10 Goth Bands

Just a list of some of my favorite Goth Rock bands. Enjoy and be sure to leave your favorite Goth bands in the comments section!


Kai Decadence

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  • Check out Dragula
    by Rob Zombie

  • Cool list. I've heard of some of the bands here others not as much. But I am always up to discover new music. When I'm here in YouTube I'm always going down musical rabbit holes sometimes it drives my wife crazy but she understands that I have eclectic music tastes. So thank you for posting the list of your fave top 10 goth bands and songs.

  • My goth / darkwave bands:

    Witching hour: Ligea
    Dark: Nyctophilia
    Ghosting: Blood ocean
    Two witches: Talvenaika
    Pretentious moi: Witchhouse
    Grey gallows: Garden of lies
    Soulscape: Rise again
    Rosetta stone: Leave me for dead
    Drab majesty: Cold souls
    Clan of xymox

  • Mine number 1 : Siouxsie and the Banshees , Scarecrow .

  • What about All Gone Dead? or Cinema Strange?

  • Finally! Someone acknowledging Frank the Baptist!❤️❤️❤️

  • No one ever mentions Children on Stun (I know, you'll say "it's MY list, MY choice so bugger off ! And you 'll be right ! ;)), they are very underrated. Pure goth with a much cheerier sound (their singer has an unusual, but extremely addictive high-pitched voice). Now they have transmogrified into Grooving in Green, which is quite good. Oh, and Rhombus might have invented the "pathetic goth" (like there was "pathetic punk", Toy Dolls, Ye Great Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Splodgenessabound, etc) with their warped sense of humour, mostly revolving around variations on pubs and drinking ! 😉

  • I can't believe the March Violets did not sue the bollocks off Valor's Christian Death (Or CINO : Christian Death In Name Only), considering that "Church of no return" is a blatant rip off "Snake dance"…

  • Would add 2 popular gothic metal bands: Lacuna Coil and Sirenia

  • Fear Cult remind me A LOT of Christian Death who'd be in my top 10. Also London After Midnight, Fileds of the Nephilim, Nosferatu, Bauhaus, Still Patient?, Sisters of Mercy and Type O Negative, whether they want to wear the label or not!! Goth is for life, not just for halloween 😉

  • Nice list and I'd never heard Golden Apes before. Def. 👍

  • The Sisters of Mercy is my FAVORITE Goth band

  • 8 out of 10.
    I first heard the cure in 1978,firmly in the post punk bracket,Robert smiths carefully crafted image notwithstanding,for every darkly themed songs,(100 years,lullaby) there were the light touches (love cats).
    You also can't put siouxsie sue in there with an image,the discography doesn't bear it out,from the scream to a kiss in the dream house,it was ju ju that went really dark.(voodoo dolly,night shift).
    As a genre,can't say I could pinpoint goth prior to 1983.

  • Asylum Party – Borderline
    Cocteau Twins – Garlands
    Dead Can Dance – Self Titled
    Fields Of The Nephilim – Elizium
    Play Dead – From The Promised Land

    Goth , post punk, whatever. Same family of music.

  • An lot of great examples of Goth Rock bands here on this list.

  • Kiss the blade

  • Philip boa & voodoo club

  • The sisters,the cure,Siouxsie,the missión, the others

  • So i guess no one knows about the band The Birthday Massacre . Such a shame

  • Only just discovered your channel brother, love it, brings back some great memories


  • Clan of Xymox

  • The Danse Society, someone?

  • American hmmm?

  • Good choice bands!

  • No Nico? Nico was goth before all these people, Nico was goth before it had a name. Also (after thought, Joy Division are not a goth band, or they weren't, I guess they are goth in the same way Public Image are, ie: they played a part in its formation…)

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