My Top 10 Goth Bands

Just some of my favourite bands, as well as some to check out if you’re interested in Goth.



  • the songs i listen to is bauhaus and the the cure christian Death and Fear Cult🖤

  • I’m just starting goth and this was helpful. It helped me find new wonderful songs ☺️💃

  • The mission?

  • 1. The Sisters Of Mercy, 2. Joy Division. 3. The Mission. 4. The Cure. 5. Jesus and Mary Chain. 6. Siouxie and the banshess. 7. Ministry. 8. Fields of The Nephilim. 9. Clan of Xymox, 10. Christian death.

  • I agree with 70% of them but Jesus Specimen, Fear Cult and Star industrie ?! You must be running out of ideas because i can give you plenty of bands to replace them : Virgin Prunes, Skeletal family, Alien Sex Fiend, Sex Gang Children's, Cocteau Twins, X-mal Deutschland, Two Witches, Type O Negative, Requiem in White, Einsturzende Neubauten etc.. But i gave you a thumb up though, watch these some are great..

  • I saw them in 1987 the early stuff is goth

  • What about the cult

  • cure , bauhaus and Siouxie are inter category legends
    not “goth band ”

  • baby.. do not let ANYBODY try and say you’re not goth. wether you listen to the music or not. these people fabricated their own little version what a goth is meant to be. if you look goth, you’re goth to me. don’t worry, i accept you <3 x

  • Where is evanescence…..?

  • FON rules!

  • The darkest and most "gothic" song ever recorded is In The Flat Field by Bauhaus. It will never be matched for pure darkness, heaviness….by creative and actually talented band members. From beginning to end, it is THE benchmark for all things DARKWAVE.

  • complete and utter Bollocks

  • hi

  • Where voices of masada?

  • Is NIN and prodigy exceptions …STILL

  • Sisters Of Mercy is really something🖤

  • Siouxsie sisters of mercy and bauhaus my top three

  • Im a metal head and I have different tastes. I love dark aesthetics, my own is.. And i LOVE this 💜🖤

  • London After midnight, one of the most underrated bands of all time. Glad you included them on the list, excellent band.

  • I listen to LAM when I'm in a vampy mood.

  • what version of a night like this is this?

  • Fields of the nephilim are my fave band of all time. You were so right to put them at number 1. I love joy division too. I know they're not a goth band. But their music in my opinion could quite easily be classed as such.

  • Where's Evanescence?!?

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