My Top 10 Gothic Rock/Metal Songs

My favourite gothic rock/metal songs…


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  1. Big difference between Kraut Rock and Gothic music, as in one's good and the other is an (VERY) acquired taste. Just my opinion. I'm not freaked out or anything by
    Gothic music. I think it's boring. Not only that, but no one has ever, or will ever, invent any kind of dancing you can do to it, or head banging even.

  2. Wow,people here seems not to listen COF,I guess… COF is a metal band heavily influenced in Gothic topics. A Gothic Romance,Her Ghost in the Fog,Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids,etc. The list goes on and on. Maybe you guys just dont stand the BM elements in their music. But Dani is a poet. Is just sad that the band is not as good as before…

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