My Top 15 female Goth singers

I present to you my favorite female goth singers. The list contains classic goth rock, deathrock, postpunk, positive punk, darkwave and ethereal wave.
There are so many great singers and bands that didn’t make the list like Lydia Lunch, Voodoo Church or Miranda Sex Garden. Please understand that this is about my favourites not about the most influential postpunk singers out there.

P.S. I will allow no transphobia/transmisogyny in the comments.



  • Also love Danielle Dax, Anna von Hausswolf and the late Caroline Crawley

  • You've probably heard of them. A woman named Jarboe. Some of the work she did with a band called The Swans was imo maybe experimental goth? Her stuff after was very experimental but with The Swans it seemed more goth. You should check her out if you don't alrdy know of her that is. She did a track called Children Of God. Very interesting. Not a christian band. Far from it. Had to make that clear. She did a lot with The Swans though.

  • good list! i would highly recommend Japanese singer Syoko

  • Can someone tell which song this by The Frozen Autum? Im new to them and love her voice. Any other song titles with her on vocals would also be great. Honestly I think she should be the lead singer of that band, and I do think he is a good singer.

  • Which of these singers is not like the others?

  • 0:34 whats the name of this song?

  • Does anyone know the song from Isabelle Dekeyser?

  • This video seems like that videos of 2008 2010, I don't know why

  • Eva O. Really?

  • Some not mentionned that would definitely have done my top 15 : Weena Truscelli (Baroque Bordello), Gina Martin (Tristesse de la Lune/Blutengel) – and Kati Rolof too I guess, Katrina Mitchell (the Pastels). I probably forgot some others.. Liz Frazer number 1 in any case (just listen again to peppermint pigs if you have any doubts) and siouxsie n.2 :).

  • Its a shame that people like Eva O or Liz Fraser end up being lumped with recent copycat goff clones like Lebanon who added zero to the 80s material they all learned to play so well.

  • Good list. Found out about a few bands I didn't know which was cool.

  • Could you please tell me the track from Lisa Hammer…???

  • As you said, it's YOUR list (If you don't like it, sod off and all that jazz), but I was still hoping to see Syrah from my beloved QNTAL somewhere in there… And Mariko (ex-Unto Ashes), since they have now two singers for the price of one.) Or mebbe the ladies from Faun…

  • I like Lebanon Hanover, apart from… Am I the only one to notice that she's out of tune ?

  • Switchblade Symphony started as a Siouxsie clone, but I'm glad Ye Sisters decided to go their own way and be themselves, it was fascinating (though a bit less goff…)

  • Siouxsie <3

  • Jessica Renee of Elysian-Maudlin should be number 1 in my book! she is the best Goth singer!

  • Superb collection. Respect!!!


  • ANJA is the one and only …

  • Diamanda Galas should've been #1 goth high priestess of this list.

  • All about eve's julianne Reagan definitely needs to be in any top 5! Incredible voice

  • Lebanon Hanover and Xmal Deutschland are absolutely outstanding!

  • Malaria! One of the The Best

  • Null positive

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