New Dark Electro, Industrial, EBM, Gothic, Synthpop – Communion After Dark – 6/14/2022

 New Dark Electro, Industrial, EBM, Gothic, Synthpop – Communion After Dark – 6/14/2022

We are a weekly podcast bringing you the newest Gothic/Industrial, EBM and Electro music from around the world. DJs Mark Paradise, Tom Gold and Maus are based out of Tampa, Florida US. The tracklist is in the comments section.

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Opening intro from the movie Logans Run
Background music during talking parts: Holon – Icebreaker


Communion After Dark

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    Tracklist June 13th, 2022 Edition

    DJ Name: Paradise

    00:40 Black Light Odyssey (US) – Destroy (Aeon Rings Remix) – Remix Kontrol – A System Exclusive / Hush Club Ltd.

    05:13 Chainreactor (Germany) – Pain – Techno Body Device – Pronoize

    09:10 Antiflvx (Colombia) – Silueta de Luz (feat. Ambivalencia) – Silueta de Luz – Skyqode

    13:04 Stars Crusaders (Italy/Sweden) – Unborn (single edit) – Unborn – Skyqode –

    16:17 RROYCE (Germany) – Another – Another (single) – Self Released

    19:38 PIG (UK) – Speak of Sin – Baptise Bless & Bleed – Armalyte Industries

    23:51 Causeway (US) – Let Me Love You – We Were Never Lost – Italians Do It Better

    27:43 Communion After Dark – Shot of the Week

    DJ Name: Maus


    41:42 SINE (US) – Control (Leather Strip remix) – single – Bandcamp

    46:28 Color theory (US) – Crystal – Crystal EP

    50:49 Sacred Skin (US) – Far Away – The Decline of Pleasure – Synthicide

    55:03 Future Lied to Us (Germany) – Fly Away – Fly Away EP – iTunes

    58:35 Dead Cool (US) – Send Me an Angel – Send Me an Angel single

    1:02:11 Chris Shape ft. SU EKO – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

    1:09:17 Communion After Dark (Talking)

    DJ Name: Winters

    1:18:10 Emmon feat. Emanuel ström (Sweden) – Purebloods – Self

    1:22:32 Mufti (Mexico) – Replicate (Single) – Ombra International

    1:27:57 Vanseveren (France) – Eternal Night (awe remix)-Black Sky (mini album) – Mother Solitude

    1:32:53 Ghosting (Germany) – The Order of Things – Single – Alice In…

    1:36:47 Hex Cassette (US) – Glimpse of Life- Pomegranate Death – Self

    1:39:21 NOUVEAUX (Vancouver) – Odesa Steps – Single – Sabotage Records

    1:43:15 Communion After Dark (talking)

    1:50:06 Soft Riot (UK) – Windows To The Wild (Soft Riot’s Sodium Glow Version) – Windows To The Wild (Versions) – Self

    1:56:19 Comments and Extras (talking)

  • Happy Birthday Sweetie

  • I love it!!

  • Yes, Maus!! Color Theory 'Crystal' was my second favorite song in June 2022! Nice reference to A Different Drum too. I didn't know that! What, no mention of Soft Riot? I liked that song and had never head of them. I had to laugh at last week's blooper reel when Winters jumped right out and both Paradise and Maus' reactions were awesome! Winters had some place to be! Snap

  • One of the synth sounds in the NOUVEAX song reminded me of Eisbär by Grauzone. It was bugging me where I heard it then it finally came to me 😅

  • Bof. Programmation très moyenne… Et on a pas besoin de ces gens qui parlent ! 👎

  • Lovely 🌹 Background photo this week, btw
    I think she likes me.
    Quasimodo happy 🤗

  • Thanks for the track play CAD / DJ MAUS!! Always appreciate your support. The MixCloud upload fun to listen to, but the YouTube for the faces of "shot of the week" is awesome! Paradise, your collab set on Isolation Radio was kickin' as well.
    Happy belated birthday wishes to DJ Winters too, plus look forward to DJ Gold's return to hear tales of WGT!!!

  • hi! can I use this set on my stream at twitch giving you the credits? 😀

  • "Logan's Run" — great choice to sample from! Now where are all the music videos in development to inspire others? (besides Google/YouTube)

  • ~~~~logan's run~~~~

  • That cover of Bela Lugosi's Dead blew my mind.

  • Logan's Run was my favorite movie when I was young lol

  • do blondes dye brunette to seem smarter?

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  • Caught up!! Excellent show as usual… only problem is I have waaaaaay too many artists to try to listen to now before bandcamp Juneteenth Friday this week!
    (too much good music is a nice problem to have though!)
    Very much agree with Maus on Color Theory..! I LOVED that. So much good new synthpop on this week 🙂

  • Man, new Chainreactor and Matt Hart are both killing it <3

    Thank you as usual. Happy birthday Winters, and Happy Pride Month everyone ^^

  • 23:51 I love this song so much. The opening keyboards are so ethereal. The rhythms and beats flow real nice. Her voice makes it so romantic.
    More songs like this please.

  • Still listening ….. Hope You Guys Have a great week…… Speak of Sin…. Very KMFDM Vibey…. Happy Birthday winter Also, Anybody Else Do A Scavenger Hunt When They Hear a Band That Resonates With Them to See if There Is Like an Actual MUSIC VIDEO for that song? (Sacred Skin)

  • очень красивая музыка) аш люблю девушка просто красавивица ) do you speac engnlish nisht farstein

  • Loving the ever evolving magic of music. Fantastic show, one of sooooo many. Tunes I adore are lost in the archives and once in awhile a real gem emerges as like finding a diamond.

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