NO COVER – Episode 4 (The only Music Competition show w/ unsigned artists performing original songs)



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  1. This show is worse than Idol and The Voice. None of the judges would survive today without already being famous in their own right. You're asking people who can't do modern music, what modern music should be. That's a mistake. Maybe make a few one hit wonders, so what?!

  2. I was surprised that Lizzy made a comment about the band mirror lake. I mean she's a straight up rock and roll and she threw shade on their look. I thought it was refreshing to see people be real and not feel like they had to put on a costume. They let their music do the talking and it was bad ass. Singer was amazing loved it. Cheers

  3. Wow, the vocalist for Mirror Lake gave me mad Jonny Craig vibes, especially Jonny over the past few years. And the band was really tight too. Sounded like she was either a little nervous or wasn’t fully committed to some of those vocal runs, but it still sounded GREAT! Can’t wait to hear a full EP from this band!

  4. Need to glam it up from Alice Cooper in episode 2 and dress more like rock stars from Lzzy Hale in episode 4? This is the same old shit we here from your typical American Idol judges. Superficial shit like this and other things are probably why I read from rock and metal musicians that came from the 1990s saying that they hate these American talent show contests. Alot of 1990s musicians have been highly critical of American Idol and other shows and probably hearing comments like need to glam it up and dress more like rock stars would get a bad commentary from these same musicians about this show as well.

  5. I enjoy this show, but I feel like the judges are holding back their true opinion and the feedback is cut too short. I feel more honesty from the feedback of the mercy council, who tends to give more realistic and actual advice. Then again it makes sense this way, since the judges probably don't wanna come off as rude.

  6. I pretty much agree with everyone Tosin makes the most relevant points and the mos tinteresting ones. I cannot stand the mercy council literally a bunch of industry dinosaurs telling people they're not good enough. lol if you hear a shitty song on the radio and you think who the fuck made his garbage it comes from people like them.

  7. Mirror Lake was the absolute standout of this episode. Very polished and versatile. It was like I was already watching a band that had “made it”. I can’t wait to see how they benefit with a good team behind them. And a couple lessons for the drummer 😉

  8. These "bands!" are so terrible it's sort of embarrassing for sumarian..There are sooo many great artists out there so why the half assed casting…who found these bands a tone deaf blind dude

  9. I loved Bush as a teen and still think Gavin is awesome but it is funny hearing him say things like "be more original, don't sound like other bands" and stuff about lyrics being better.

  10. It's a cool show. The bands are there to be judged so the ominous sound played when an only slightly negative criticism is given by the judges is totally unnecessary. It's constructive criticism not harsh at all. It's bizarre!

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