Paradise Vendor – Paradise Vendor (1989) Gothic Rock, Post Punk

 Paradise Vendor – Paradise Vendor (1989) Gothic Rock, Post Punk

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  • Nirvana vibes at @14:39

  • Wow nice so clean just clicked on this. How would have i discover this without this fucked technology we live by. Thanks

  • Simply a dark wave masterpiece.

  • I work with one of the chaps who managed the band 30 years ago. He was going through his garage and gave me a Vinyl copy of the album as he had a few. I rate it, it's a really good listen! I expected it to be rubbish, as you might expect.

  • I'm still to this day (since 2010 or so) hunting down a digital/physical copy of this, or any material by Paradise Vendor. It's nice to get to hear a preview of it, don't want to listen in its entirety until I get ahold of it!

  • Many many thanks In Depth Music for Putting this up ( and all the other great obscure stuff that could be ‘forever lost’, Peely would have been proud of ya!), PARADISE VENDOR truly were a one off, a very great band both live and what you hear here. I had the pleasure of seeing them live on several occasions they had an original sound, amazing tight rhythm’s and front man Paul had a fierce silky voice and a spellbinding stage presence, the lyrics are absolute poetry dark, meandering and beautiful (I think the only downside to the Album is that there was no lyric sheet included) The subject matter and the way it was projected in that format gave out a great tense, lost feel to the band. I actually joined the band for a short period after the bass player left shortly after the L.P. release, did a couple of rehearsals and performed live with them at the legendary ‘Fulham Greyhound’ sadly gone. They were really great blokes, intensely creative and had a sound that was hard to define or put in a box. They also were driven and supported by their manager /mate Darren who was a superb Geezer very genuine and loved promoting the band. Thanks again

  • Nice! I was wondering if you had The Associates – Perhaps, and Tim Finn – Escapade?

  • what is the name of the lead singer please I can't find any info anywhere

  • The Azreal Block track sounds like Peter Murphy?

  • 4:30 love this solo

  • when the only safe place is the parlour of poisoned ice cream…

  • thanks for all the good uploads!

  • Trippy tunes

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