Post Punk Bands I Love!

 Post Punk Bands I Love!

In this video I discuss post punk bands I love! I kick it off by going over my top 5 post punk bands. Then I discuss other post punk bands I love in no particular order! Post punk is one of my preferred genres. It had/has so much to offer!

What post punk bands and records do you love?

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  • All good stuff, Killing Joke are my favorite.

  • Also Reeves Gabriel's of the Cure had Those Killer David Bowie Contributions with Tin Machine !!

  • I Love your Channel I Grew up on All of this…Hats of Please Keep this Going👍 Dropped the Wire Pink Flag Too♥

  • The fact that you have so many uk originals means you know your stuff. Great video!

  • Doesn't matter a dime how you pronounce their names, the fact that you love these old bands of my time is just great!. Anyway, as for others in this category, how about pre Midge Ure Ultravox, particularly the third LP, Systems of Romance (….the guitarist on this Robin Simon had an incredible sound, and also stepped in for J Mc on Magazine's Play…), also The Scars (superb but sadly short lived scottish band), and of course The Associates (Sulk being an absolute masterpiece!). As you say, there are so many bands that could be mentioned here…Orange Juice, for example!!

  • New model army are definitely still around, play the festival circuit here in the uk a lot, Justin lead singer also has a couple of albums too, still going strong here.

  • Just got into your channel through you post punk posts, one of my favourite genres, lucky enough to have been at the right age to see a lot of them live, one of my faves associates, check them out all fabulous but fourth drawer down collects some of the early singles, dark and amazing good place to start, the track tell me Easter’s on a Friday has been one of my faves for nearly my entire lifetime.

  • Modern Eon's Fiction Tales 2cd expanded edition will be released by Cherry Red December 16th! Let's hope they didn't muck it up!

  • Many great groups emerged in the post punk era and became the giants we all love. For me the the first two Smiths albums and REM Murmur are amazing and quintessential post punk records.

  • You should check out Sad Lovers & Giants.

  • Oh, and Suburban Lawns! They could be a kind of "one hit wonder" band (if only enough folks knew of them), but Janitor is outrageous and wonderful and just… "Boom boom boom boom." Love it.

  • Joy Division & New Order…Gang of Four… I'm with you all the way. I don't know if you've heard of the underground 80s post-punk band from Detroit called Spahn Ranch? (NOT the industrial-electronic band of the same name.) If you don't have their album "Thickly Settled," Hanna I feel certain you'd love it. I believe the album was finally reissued. Read up on this band and trust me, get that album!
    Update: The reissue/remaster is a comp, not the original album. Not as good, IMO. Also, the original is available used, but it is pricey!
    Update 2: Just listened to the second album. (There are only two.) It's still available on vinyl at a more reasonable price, and I was wrong, it's really good, maybe even better than "Thickly Settled." It's called "Back to the Wood." The drummer, O'dell Nails III, is both a primitive and a complex musician. The band is like Joy Division went to the East to practice yoga. Ok, that's my last update, promise.

  • Great vid. I totally agree with your top 5 post punk artists…all of them so influential (along with Chameleons who were perhaps the most underrated band of the genre)

  • I think The Chameleons are my favorite! Great video Hanna

  • Joy Division …. Johnny Rotten …. The Cure!!! OMG!! I luv you …. marry me!! LOL 😉 And I luv the t-shirt.

  • Amazing collection. I'm a fan of Post Punk bands like Amyl & The Sniffers, Fountanes DC & Sleaford Mods. Watching from London UK.

  • Great content, anyone that digs Wire is a fan of mine. I love all 3 of Wires first albums. Kudos for adding Howard Devito and Magazine, I was lucky enough to have a night spent in New York's IRI records office, I picked up 3 of every LP and 45rpm that they had which is where I picked up some Magazine LP's . I was always blessed with music in 1971to 1973 I dated a girl that worked for Clive Davis on CBS records. I was able to choose 25 LP's each week. In 1978 I gained entry into IRS and in 1989 I supervised a building that housed Atlantic Records and I was able to turn many of my favorite albums into CD form. Music is best to be shared and I was able to help my friends get music they could not afford. Also great ear for choosing Pere Ubu and The Modern Dance. In 1977-78 I saw them lived at CBGB and Max's in Manhattan and they were as good as any of the newer NY bands. Ohio also brought us The Dead Boys who were members of a band called Rocket from the Tombs which were a combination of both Pete Ubu and The Dead Boys. Akron Ohio also put out an album featuring both The Bizzaros and the Rubber City Rebels which was awesome and was The Village Voice pick of the month in 1978?. You should check out The LP or just any Bizzaro song. Again your videos bring me back to a time when every day was a Saturday. Keep

    enjoying music as Shakespeare wrote "if music is the sound of joy..Play on!"

  • Re. The Slits "Cut" LP, which you show in passing right at the end of your video :

    There was a close cultural connection between UK punk and JA reggae at the time. This is reflected, for example, in Marley's "Punky Reggae Party" 12"-inch b-side; and most of all by The Clash's "(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais" (surely their very best single). This reggae connection is also demonstrated by the choice of Dennis Bovell (from the british band Matumbi) to produce The Slits album.

    I have a mint condition original vinyl copy of "Cut" with the hand-written graffiti-type messages on the inner sleeve and the 'lightning flash' purple warpaint added to Viv Albertine's cheeks on the front cover. This was obtained by a family member directly from the manager of the small Virgin record shop in Nottingham on the day of release in 1979 and subsequently given to me about twelve years ago. It is supposedly ultra-rare and worth a small fortune.

    PS. The Virgin manager to whom I refer above was the same person who had been prosecuted two years previously on a charge of "outraging public decency" or somesuch, apparently for devoting the entire shop window display to multiple copies of the "Never Mind The Bollocks" cover. "Strange Days", as someone once said  🙄

  • I am very limited in my knowledge of post punk and punk but I always learn so much from your channel. You introduced me to the Gits who are from Yellow Springs, Ohio which is 20 mins from my hometown. Much love from Cincinnati! You and Mazzie are my favorite vinyl enthusiasts.

  • Hi, Omaha, Great colecction, … but to me, You do should listen to
    The Lords Of The New Church,… one of best Post Punk Bands
    Greetings , Mate

  • Virgin prunes
    Heresie…if i die…over the rainbow…teathrical experimental one of my favourites…your colection is wonderful and frightening😁

  • Great video!!! You included so many of my favorites, and managed to introduce me to some I've yet to hear of!!!! Great work!

  • Are you familiar with The Associates? First three releases are essential post punk for me 🙂 Billy Mackenzies voice and lyrics are truly astounding.

  • This video is a goldmine of brilliant music!

  • I enjoyed that. I appreciate that you can’t mention everything, but given your thorough appreciation of the British post-punk scene, I was surprised that you didn’t mention Swell Maps. Their studio albums, A Trip To Marineville and Jane From Occupied Europe are crucial.

  • Thanks for sharing your list of post punk with us. I enjoyed listening to you and I learnt of some new bands to check out.

  • Hello from Lincoln…love the channel. Husker Du, early r.e.m., PIL, Gary Numan, Guided by Voices, The Fall, XTC among my faves.

  • Good picks , i have about 90 per cent of those albums , i was 17 in 1977 , so got punk , post punk and 2 tone , lucky really. The Pop Group were in their own league of 1 and still sound fresh today . Porcupine is a favourite esp side 2 .Lesley Woods was a fantastic singer but never seemed to get the limelight (probably didnt want it anyway).

  • Hi, just discovered your channel. A band you need to check out in the shoegaze genre is The Sunshine Factory from Mobile, AL. The have a very similar sound to MBV Loveless. Sadly, I don't think they are still a band anymore.

    Love the channel and the content.

  • Hey Hannah it's me hope you're doing well I'm sure it was you that mentioned a band from my country called clowns and U made me think I haven't gone and descuvered new bands I now have two awesome colour vinyl so like IV said U always educating me peace and love lloydy PS it's nearly Saturday hint hint

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